How To Activate Microsoft Office Updated 2020

It is mandatory to work on Microsoft office for writing your resume, making presentations, doing Maths problems, and present them through Excel to axel your career. All of these important works on your windows need one software which is none other than Microsoft Office. But what if you fail to activate Microsoft office on your windows? Will you able to present your thoughts in a meaningful way to your audience? Having windows on your computer is not enough now. It needs more to facilitate your proper.

Activate Microsoft Office

We know the fact that most of the people still don’t know about how to activate Microsoft Office using windows operating system. I wouldn’t say the fault lies at their end but they have not guided properly to get benefit from Microsoft Office in an efficient way. Maybe you are one of them who still wondering about to figure out this problem and seeking the right directions to activate Microsoft office on windows.

Let me tell you one thing, welcome to the right place. From now on, you will be able to know each and everything about the activation of Microsoft Office on either way having a license or not within no time. Are you ready? So, let’s get started a journey to know about how to be professional by knowing professional software; Microsoft office. We are about to go!

Keeping in mind your convenience, we have devised a simple strategy to tell you about how to activate Microsoft Office on windows. First, we will tell you the basics of using office with license key purchased from Microsoft. Then, the essence of this article comes which would be about how you can use Microsoft Office without having a proper license.

This implies that you wouldn’t pay anything to purchase a Microsoft Office license on your windows. It would be free. The magic of an awesome tool is waiting for you to activate Microsoft office ahead! So, what are you waiting for? Go on, learn more about the activation of Microsoft Office for your windows.

Why Activate Microsoft Office?

If I say this is the most asked question on the internet, then trust me, I wouldn’t exaggerate the things knowingly. It’s an open secret. No more hide and seek play with you. People want to know why Microsoft office has become part and parcel of professional life using windows? Well, it takes a little attention to have the right answer.

Let me introduce your Microsoft office briefly. It belongs to Microsoft which holds so many other apps included in Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, One Note, and Access, and so on will be included in Microsoft office.

These apps have their sole purposes to utilize are used for multiple works like Word can be used to make documents, Resume, etc.

You cannot create and arrange your ideas on documents without it. I am sure you wouldn’t deny me.

Similarly, you cannot present your thoughts without PowerPoint. For solving maths problems and presenting data in the form of charts before your audience, Excel is there to assist you. Furthermore, for better communication on time worldwide non-stop, Outlook can serve you its services by emailing your content.

And yes here lies the problem. Nothing in this world is free. The same rule applies to the Microsoft office which usually offers you a free trial version for 30-days only. Is that enough, time for any professional worker? I think it isn’t. And then, there is a constant alert that alarms you to purchase Microsoft Office. Generally, users are to be reminded ‘Your times up now’. It’s better to perform some practical steps and purchase Microsoft office if you want to use it in your windows. Other else, you wouldn’t have many options to use it free of cost anymore.

How to Activate Microsoft Office

I have discussed the importance of Microsoft Office in your professional life so far. In other words, you wouldn’t survive professionally on this planet. I am sure you know the gravity of the problem. No one can deny this fact as long as Microsoft office would be an integral part of professional life. So, let’s move on to learn more about some technical things to activate Microsoft office.

You are about to know how to activate Microsoft Office by reading step by step guidelines given below.

I am giving you two options to save your time and energy. If you are among those who already possess a license of Microsoft Office, then you are advised to read the first method only.

If you belong to another category who does not have a license yet, then you must direct yourself towards the second method. Got it? Good!

Method #1: Activate Microsoft Office Using Product Key.

So let me draw your attention to the prominent fact that you have two different ways to activate Office. In the first method, you can directly sign in with the Microsoft account used at the time of purchasing a license. In the second method, you can use the key that we bought from Microsoft Store. Sound convenient? Ok.

Let’s discuss the first method which we call the sign-in method. You need to follow the guidelines given below:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is ‘Open’ any of the Office Applications; Words, Excel PowerPoint, etc.
  2. Here you will see a pop-up window asking to sign in or create a new account. If you are not able to see this window then go to Files and select the Account.
  3. After this, simply click the Product Activation and then sign in with the credentials that you use for purchasing.

That’s it for now. Congrats. You must be thrilled. Your Office is activated automatically. You don’t have to do anything else besides it. Now you can verify that the product is successfully activated on your personal computer.

Find Microsoft Office Product Key

Well, if you are still confused about where to find the verification of purchased Microsoft Office key, whether you are signed in or don’t want to with the Microsoft account then you need to follow these steps given below.

Open Microsoft Store in case you have Windows Computer or open

On the upper right-hand side, you just need to click Sign In. Now enter your email and password which you used to buy Office.

When you sign in now click on your name located at the same place. After this, you need to click on the Order History.

Now locate the application which you bought and then click on the Install Office button (this doesn’t install the product).

Here you will be to know about the product key now copy that key and enter it to any Office Apps like Word or Excel and enjoy. Finally, you are succeeded to activate the Office using the product key. Have fun!

Method #2: Activate Microsoft Office Free Using Tool

You are very well aware of the first method of activating the Office using the purchased license. Let’s move on to the second method which was about activating Office without having a license key. Are you ready? I am sure you are ready and excited to know about this method because this will help you to save your money and takes you to your comfort zone.

You may be surprised to read about it but the fact is ‘Yes’ you read it accurately. This method does not require to have a license. It sounds weird but trusts me it is what it is. All you need to have one tool which will make this happen true to experience Office without any license. And you don’t need to pay anything in return. Allow me to present the tool which we use in this guide is called Microsoft Toolkit.

This tool was known as EZ Activator in the past for windows. And the sole purpose of this tool was to activate Microsoft Windows free of cost. But things changed by the time and Microsoft has Announced the KMS (Key Management System) technology for Office and Windows. It is now able to support and activate both windows and office at the same time.

Microsoft Toolkit gives you a 100% genuine license status and ensures that you can activate the office legally. Even if you just do sign in to our account for office activation. This amazing tool has been developed by the codyqx4. A well-known software developer firm and a senior member of My Digital Life Forum.

This tool is 100% safe and secure to use on your personal computer. We have not received any complaint or anything which could be harmful to your windows so far. So, don’t hesitate to try this tool on your windows. It’s an awesome tool to activate Microsoft office. You will feel the difference once you use it.

We have talked much about its features but it’s time to take pragmatic actions. For this, here are the steps you can follow to activate office using Microsoft Toolkit:


It is advisable to disable/deactivate Antivirus or Windows Defender before going to activate the Microsoft Office on your windows. The reason behind it is that it’s not about security concerns or containing the virus in it but to tell that these types of activators are blacklisted by Microsoft and other Antivirus programs. So, make sure you do what you have been told to do. Otherwise, you will not be able to activate the office in your windows.

By doing so, you can disable Windows Defender by following these steps: Open Start Menu > Click Settings button > Scroll down to Update & Security > Open Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Virus & Threat Protection Settings > Turn Off Real-Time Protection. All sets now. You are superb and done a tremendous job to activate Microsoft office on your personal computer.

Disable Real Time Protection 1

Disable Windows defender 2020

To disable windows is not a difficult thing to do. It does not involve rocket science. All you need to do is ‘Open’ the folder slightly where you downloaded this application and then extract it using WinRar, or 7Zip. That’s it. Isn’t it an easy job to perform? Yes, it is so.

After that, it will create a new folder there. The next you need to do is open it and press right-click on Microsoft Toolkit.exe and click Run as Administrator. Well done. Keep going on with the confidence that you know everything.

Once you follow the instruction carefully, a new Window will pop-up so from here click on the Office icon. It will then open a new window with many options. Don’t be afraid I am here for you. Just follow the guiding steps peacefully.

From the above menu click Activation Tab and then from the Tools Drop-Down menu choose AutoKMS.

Now simply click on the Install button under that menu and wait until you see a success message.

You finally reach your destiny. That’s it for now. You know what, we have now successfully activated MS Office using Microsoft Toolkit. Isn’t it great?

Maybe you want to make sure of the exact status of the program on your computer. No worries at all, just close all the programs and open any application, for example, Word or Excel on your computer screen.

Now just click on the File from the above menu and then click Account. Here you can see the activation status “Your Product Is Activated”. I am sure this news brings a smile on your face instantly. Stay happy.


It is an account of Microsoft Office activation which enables you to have what you were looking for previously on a brief note.

It is incorporated every possible way to activate the office on your windows. Moreover, it is focused on the fact that all the information to activate Microsoft office should be useful for you. And you will be able to save your money and precious time wisely.

No one is perfect so do I that is why it is my humble request to let me know if you have any queries about the said article or activation of Microsoft office on your windows. Whereas, you can also share your thoughts in the comment section which is solely allocated for your concerns. I would cordially welcome your opinions and constructive criticism.

I am hoping that you liked the tool that I just mentioned above to activate Microsoft office. The motive of this tool is for all windows users. No discrimination has been implied during the time developing this tool. This is why CODYXQ4 has made this awesome tool free for everyone.

This tool will be lucrative for those who can’t afford genuine Microsoft office license for their windows. In this generous way, they will have a perfect tool for perfect software free of cost.

I am optimistic that this writing is close to your heart and you fell in love with it. Now it’s your responsibility to share it as much as you can so as others will get benefit from it. And you know sharing is caring. Also, this deed will boost my confidence and encroach me to keep writing such a life-changing article that can bring real change in your lives.