Adobe ZII 5.1.9 Download For Mac 100% Working 2020

What if you have a chance to show your friends your feelings joy and sadness? Will you happy to have such software on your personal computer free of cost? I am sure you will be. Many of you are looking for Adobe Zii 2020 5.1.9 to download for Mac. Sounds great! Isn’t it? L

 I’ll show you how to download Adobe Zii 2020 without paying any charge. Besides that, I want to say congrats for being here the right place to have the right product.

It will not end here because I will introduce you to exciting and mind-blowing features of Adobe Zii 2020 which I am sure you don’t know before. Are you ready for the wonderful journey of knowing Adobe Zii 2020 and having this magnificent software in your Mac?

Well, get ready for this, here we go!

Let me tell you one thing on a slight note, there is no comparison of Adobe Zii 2020. Finding its precedence is out of the blue. Adobe Zii 2020 has no match so far in the market.

The obvious reason is Adobe Zii 2020 is the best match for your Mac especially for those who cannot purchase it. And they still wanted to have on their computer.

There is an infinite range of tools in the potential market of software who ensure their compatibility with the Mac operating system. But the truth is they do nothing but deceiving innocent Mac users. Adobe Zii 2020 is designed solely to function Mac operating system properly.

So many software developers asserted that they have made tools for Mac users. Say for example Amtemu designed by Russian developer Painter. But the fact is Amtemyu is an activator of Windows. Unluckily it does not support Mac. Poor chap









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What is Adobe Zii?

What is Adobe Zii

The first thing that comes to mind what exactly Adobe Zii is? Do you think the same way as me? Let’s discuss it so that you will be able to have ‘know-how’ about Adobe Zii 2020.

Well, suffice it to say that Adobe Zii 2020 is an activator which deals with all the products of Adobe and is being designed for Mac specifically.

Adobe Zii 2020 is the only tool that can unveil the features of other products of Adobe. For instance, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effect, Illustrator, etc.

Let’s talk about who has developed this thrilling tool. So this tool has been designed by none other than TNT and the great thing about this tool is it simultaneously supports both the new and old versions as well as 2020 products. Amazing!

Another stunning thing about Adobe Zii 2020 is it is very easy to use. It has a built-in capability to detect the installed products in your computer spontaneously.

This option of Adobe Zii 2020 leads to selecting the right product without bothering you. Adobe Zii 2020 works every step automatically which does not require your assistance. Adobe ZIi 2020 so easy to run you can even imagine.

Why do you use Adobe Zii

Adobe products have become part and parcel of every life. Whether you want to create something romantic or want to give a sad impression. Adobe products are always there for convenience. Aren’t they?

The question is who can deny the fact that he never comes across Adobe products in domestic and professional life? Sometimes answers are obvious in one way or another everyone used Adobe product. Don’t escape from the truth!

Take the usage pattern of adobe Photoshop; image editing, changing its background, do some modification according to the scenario and much more for fun.

Talking about Dreamweaver developers love to use it for coding and check its status live. Whereas Illustrator is used for video editing, vector covers making, infographics, and logo design as well.

But you become sad to know that you have limited additional 15 days trial version. Am I right? Yes, it is a common phenomenon happen all the time with each of us. 

What comes next? Again the next thing is they persuaded you to buy a genuine license as soon as possible. No one has economically stable enough to buy an Adobe license because it costs much amount.

This paves the way for setting the stage for Adobe Zii 2020. You will have access to use Adobe products free of cost. I am sure you are excited to know more about Adobe and its tremendous features. I am going to tell you Adobe Zii 2020 features. Hold your breaths guys


What is Adobe Zii

The credibility of Adobe Zii 2020 is out of the questions now. It is the finest and best in terms of operating Adobe products. Adobe Zii 2020 is the best activator so far for Mac users. It’s time to focus on the countless features of Adobe Zii 2020.

I am going to write a list of Adobe Zii 2002 features in detail given below which will provide you a comprehensive review. Read the list carefully. It’s a matter of product understanding


One of the key features of any tool is its reliability. If it doesn’t then the user’s strong denial is ultimate. Adobe Zii 2020 possesses this elementary feature which validates that it wouldn’t be crash when you are using in your Mac system.

Auto Activation

We are living in a technological era where everything is getting on self-automation. Human involvement is reducing day by day. Adobe Zii 2020 has built-in features of detecting the product installation on your system. All you need to do is to press the Patch option and bingo. Adobe Zii 2020 will automatically detect the installed product.

Manual Activation

It is likely that you download and install the software in your system and after sometimes you almost forget the location. How to find it then? Well, don’t get stress.

Adobe Zii 2020 allows you to activate it manually. This is called Drag/Drop activation.  You just need to drag the application manually and drop it into Adobe Zii.


 Users are the wonder of activator’s compatibility with the operating system. It is a common exercise. The good news is Adobe Zii 2020 can support both old and new versions of Mac. Whether it could be Mac operation system Sierra or be it of Mac Lion. Feel free to use Adobe Zii 2020  in your Mac system.


The common misconception regarding Adobe Zii is its purpose is to give an extension to the trial version only. Not more than that. Let me tell this conception has no roots.

 The fact is it’s for a lifetime. You may be amazed to hear that but it is what it is. It will remain with you until unless you install a new Mac OS or upgrade the old one.

No Virus

Security is a key concern of every user. No one wants to take risks while downloading and installing male wear and any sort of virus in an operating system. Adobe Zii 2020 is manufactured to be free of any virus and malware content. Also, it will not breach the user’s security and trust.

Free of Cost

You will be surprised to know that Adobe Zii 2020 is free. You don’t have to pay a huge amount of money buying Adobe incense anyway. Adobe Zii 2020 not only has technological benefits but also gives you economic benefits.

 No more worries due to unnecessary expenses. There are so many fake sites selling Adobe Zii 2020 if you find one of them please report the developer directly.

Download Adobe Zii

After all the features of Adobe Zii 2020 which I have discussed above, you must be excited to know how to download Adobe Zii 2020 for your Mac. Here are the details of the procedure.

First, you need to do is click the Download button given below. Once you click the Download button you are redirected to the download page instantly.

You can see other information about the tool on the redirected page. Also, you will find here another download button. So, the next step that you need to follow is to click on that button again and then you will see the ‘Media fire’ page.

You need to click here on the green button and it will take 5 seconds to load, after this, the file will start downloading automatically.

That’s it!

Within some time, your file will be downloaded and you can then move to our below guide on how you can use it.

Disable Gatekeeper on MAC OS (Operating System)

Certain things you need to ensure before we move to follow the rest of the downloading procedure.  First, disable the Gatekeeper as by default. We cannot use any application and tool from third-party developers. Keep in mind.

If you already have an idea of how to bypass the security of the Mac, then your advice to keep continues and follows the downloading process.

This step is only for those who don’t know how to disable the Gatekeeper and facing the issue at the time of installation.

Seems good and in the right way. OK, so here are the steps that you need to follow:

Open Finder and from the above Menu Click Go and then from the list select Utilities.

Click Go and Select Utilities

After this, you need to open Terminal from there.

Select Terminal from the Apps

In terminal type the following command and hit enter:

sudo spctl –master-disable

Disable Gatekeeper on Mac

Then type the Password of Administrator and hit enter.

Type the Administrator Password

Now close Terminal and then select the Apple icon from the above menu and select System Preferences.

Open System Preferences in Apple Section

After this, you need to click on Security & Privacy.

Select System Security from list

Open General section and then click Lock icon located below and it will ask for the Password so type it and hit enter.

Click Lock Icon from the left side below

At this time tick, Anywhere Option under Allow Apps Downloaded From.

Select Anywhere from list

Now you are done with it so simply move to the next guide.

How to Use Adobe Zii

You just finished the downloading process of Adobe Zii 2020 in Mac. Bravo!

One stage you just completed successfully. It’s time to learn another essential stage which is how to use Adobe Zii peacefully in Mac operating system.

 Now time to open the folder where you have downloaded this file mostly it is Downloads. Here you will find the zip file of Adobe Zii. Do you find it? OK cool! Then politely double click on it to extract the downloaded file of Adobe Zii 2020.

Double Click Zip File Adobe Zii

A new folder will automatically be created with the same name as it was on the zip form.

Folder After Unzipping

Open that folder. In this folder, you will find the AdobeZii.dmg file so here you have to double click on the DMG file again.

Double click on DMG file Adobe Zii

 After clicking on it the Adobe Zii 2020 tool will be opening. And then you will see the window appears with the files.

A Window Appear Adobe Zii

If the window doesn’t appear you can simply open Desktop and find the Disk Image there.

Launch App From Desktop

Double click on the icon of Adobe Zii and it will open a prompt message that it is downloaded from Unknown Developer just ignore it and select Open.

Click Open Adobe Zii

Double click on the icon of Adobe Zii and it will open a prompt message that it is downloaded from Unknown Developer just ignore it and select Open.

Press Patch or Drag in Zii

It will start to detect the products you have installed on your Mac Computer. So, after doing this it will ask for the Root permission so press Ok.

Root Permission Zii Patcher

At this time you will be asked to Enter the Administrator Password. Just type the password and click on the Ok button.

Enter Administration Password to Continue

Now the application will start patching the Photoshop or other products you are using and then you see completed message there.

Patch Completed Message

That’s it the application is now successfully patched and now you can use it as you want without restriction. You have the genuine license of it and can use that product for the rest of life.

How to Check Activation

Most people are still confused that if their product is registered or not so if you are also confused then you should follow these steps to check whether your product is registered or not.

  1. First, you need to launch any program which you have installed (except Adobe Acrobat Pro DC).
  2. Now just click on Help which is located above on the screen.
  3. Here you need to check if K’d by TNT Team is available or not. If you don’t see that dialogue it means that you made some mistakes so just follow all the above steps again until you see this written there.

That’s it you have now successfully activated your Adobe product and now you can enjoy all the amazing features of it for the rest of life. Also, keep in mind to never update your Adobe applications otherwise you may lose registration.

Pros and Cons

Finding a match of Adobe Zii 2020 tool in the market is out of the question. Because Adobe Zii is unprecedented so you wouldn’t find its match. Although it’s matchless capabilities have made its mark to activate the Adobe Products on the Mac operating system.

 Still, I believe nothing is perfect so does the Adobe Zii 2020. It has some slight loopholes that every product can possess. So it is my moral duty to highlight both sides of the Adobe Zii tool to you. Don’t forget to read the list of pros and cons of Adobe Zii given blow.

You will be much delighted to know more about the benefits of Adobe Zii 2020 before going to download it in Mac. Here we go!


  • First attraction of Adobe Zii is it’s a free tool which is used for activating Adobe in Mac
  • Other stunning feature of Adobe Zii is it’s unprecedented so far. This is the only tool available for the Mac users
  • Abobe Zii helps you to get a genuine license for a lifetime for your Max system.
  • No need to pay a single cent. This is a free tool and you will never be charged. It will remain so throughout life.
  • Adobe Zii works as a catalyst in Mac. It enhances your performance
  • It protects your operating by making sure that there is no virus or malware in it
  • It is thoroughly 100% Anti-ban you can use your Adobe ID with this


  • It is tame taking little bit especially the first launch will take some time
  • It requires deactivating Gatekeeper for the time being. So, you may face disabling Gatekeeper issue
  • No new update is offered so far. Because the developer hasn’t updated it from 2017
  • It is a piracy tool which may be illegal in your country that bothers you a little.
  • This tool is developed by a third-party developer


Adobe zii Alternative

Adobe Zii is popular among its users due to its matchless performance. Everyone rush to have this tool in Mac. So sometimes you may face some difficulty to finding Adobe Zii. Because of this, it is to advise you that you should have Plan B which is to search for another suitable tool. To achieve this objective you can also use an alternative version of it.

So many alternatives you may find available online at any time. But I would suggest you try two famous tools which I like most.

Amtemu by PainteR

My first recommendation to you is to try to use Amtemu also known as Adobe Universal Patcher. This tool is developed by the Russian developer PainteR. Just like Adobe Zii, it is also free to use for everyone. So don’t worry about the cost of the tool. Another thing that I must tell you about Amtemu is it is designed for Windows operating system and could not support the Mac operating system. Look at the bright side of the Amtemu, it will help you to have a license of using all products of Adobe Adobe Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe After Effect 2019.

Another thing that you should consider about Amtemu is it is a virus-free tool that gives you a genuine license activation and it is 100% anti-ban. So, in case if you have logged in with your account then your account is still safe.

It is a standalone software and you don’t need to have an internet connection to use it. Instead of this, you will be given lifetime activation and it will remain until you install a fresh new Windows on your computer.

Adobe CCMaker

Let’s talk about my next recommendation in detail. It is a CCMaker that would like to have as an alternative tool of Adobe Zii for Maz. Seriously! Try this one if you fail to find Adobe Zii 2020 online. It is not the activator tool but there is no doubt that it is one of the best tools to activate Adobe products permanently and I also described everything above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Though there are infinite ranges of websites that claim that they will give you the link of Adobe Zii. But the problem is all they offer is to provide, annoying pop-up and pop-under ads. But the benefit of using our website is that you can easily get Adobe Zii because we never use any type of advertisement in links.

Even though some people still have confusion and they look for the answer on the internet.

If you are one of them then you should read this FAQ list below where I have to collect most asked questions and write their answers as well.

In case if you are still unable to find the relevant answer for you then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. I will be very glad to hear from you and would love to answer your question.

If I found your question relevant to this topic I will also add it in my frequently asked questions list.

Does Adobe Zii contain a virus?

Virus! No way. It doesn’t contain any type of virus or Trojan files. It has been prioritized that it must be scanned by the Virus. The results have been evident that it doesn’t find any type of malicious code inside it. Even though I use it and never face any type of issue with this.

Why Adobe Zii?

Certain things are crystal clear about Adobe products that it is used by many people around the world. Whether you are editing video, photo or coding you need an Adobe product. Besides that, the problem is these products are paid so with the help of this Adobe Zii tool you can get lifetime licenses free of cost.

Is Adobe Zii Free to use?

It is what it has claimed for.  It is 100% free to use. No hidden charges or subscriptions are required. You can use it on as many computers as you want and you will never get charged.

How to download Adobe Zii?

It is more than just an ordinary tool because with the help of this you can download any of the Adobe Product separately without having Adobe ID.

Even though you will be asked to choose which plugins you wanted to download and also you can choose between language packages.

With the help of Adobe Zii, you will be able to save a lot of time and storage as well by choosing only important things during download.

So, when your download completes it has an option to automatically install that program on your machine. Also, you can automatically activate it by using the built-in Amtemu Activator in it.

The quality of this Amazing tool is it can support both Operating System Windows and Mac OS at the same time. It supports both the architectures whether you are using it on x64 bit computer or an x32 bit. From now on, you don’t need to have separate tools for these two architectures.

Can I use Adobe Zii to activate Adobe Lightroom?

Its yes simply,.  If you go through the instructions that I have given above you will come to know that Adobe Zii helps you to register all Adobe products. You can activate your Adobe Lightroom application free of cost by using this tool.

How long the activation will remain?

Well, the trick is when you activate with Adobe Zii you will get the permanent activation which lasts until you install a new Windows. In addition to this, you need to be careful because if you update any of the products you will also lose the activation. Because of that, it advises avoiding software updates.

What is the difference between Amtemu and Adobe Zii?

Technically there is no difference as the facts suggested about that. No difference lies between these two applications as the purpose of both they are to activate Adobe Products. Yet, there is a difference which is Amtemu is only supported by the Windows Operating System while Zii Patcher is only for macOS.


It is safe to say that Adobe Zii is the must-have tool for those who don’t want to pay money and purchase the Adobe Product. It has no match so far. It is designed to support Mac and no other tool is its competitor in this race. Besides, it gives your lifetime opportunity to use it for your Mac operating system. Well honestly speaking this is not just an offer it’s a jackpot, isn’t it?

One of the astonishing features of the Adobe Zii is you will get a genuine license and it is also anti-ban.

Moreover, it will remain safe even if you are using your Adobe ID with this, and interestingly, you won’t get caught.

Other than that there are many other substitute tools available on the internet, in which I have mentioned two major alternatives that work perfectly.

If you have sipped that part then goes above and read it again, also you should check the activation guide where I have mentioned all the steps on how you can get the license on your mac.

Adobe Zii

Adobe Zii

Adobe Zii is used to activate adobe products for free such as lightroom Adobe Photoshop CC and others, Adobe Zii is the best tool for Mac users who don’t want to purchase Adobe products but still wanted to use it on their computers.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: macOS

Application Category: Activator