AMTEmu | Universal Adobe Patcher – AMT Emulator 2020

Before going to tell you formally what this article is all about, one thing is certain, Adobe products have become indispensable when it comes to dealing with technical software like Photoshop, premier, and the list goes on and on. This scenario paves the way to look for an activator that can unlock adobe products.

Keep in view the importance of adobe products, let me introduce you to the stunning activator AMTEu. It is known by so many names as the AMT Emulator by PainteR or by AMT Emulator also AMTEmu by PainteR and so many others. The core purpose of this activator is its universality, it can activate all the products of adobe. You must thrill to hear that. Aren’t you?  I sure you are excited to know more about this exciting activator in detail. Let’s move on further without any delay.

If you are one of the users of Adobe products as Photoshop, After Effects, Dreamweaver You are well aware of the fact that you can use Adobe products only for 30 days and after that…you know very well. No need to explain it. You would not be able to use adobe products after the trial ends.

Now you have no options except buying a product key from the official site of adobe. I can understand your feelings. Why that is so because I consider you just like me who cannot afford to spend money to purchase adobe product key or don’t want to purchase it simply.

Then EMTEmu is a very useful tool as it activates your Adobe products and you can use its lifetime. It is one of the most trusted and the best activators available on the internet.

What if I can tell you the possible solution free of cost? Sounds great? So I would love to suggest EMTEmu because it’s so easy to use and with the help of this tool you can activate your adobe products. This is not a limited offer or an advertisement stunt, you can get benefit from adobe products throughout your life. So it is a jackpot; a lifetime opportunity. And yes you are desperate to learn more about this tool. Stay with me and keep reading.

What is AMTEmu

AMT Emulator

AMTEmu is simply a patcher which helps you to activate adobe products. It has been developed by PainteR; a renowned Russian developer. The idea behind this tool is to modify the basic mechanism of adobe products to get access to the desired adobe products free of cost. 

How this tool works is it removes the genuine Amtlib.dull.It, then, exchange it with the created file of this patcher save and sound. Consequently, it signals the adobe server that doesn’t worry it is a genuine file. And let the user in the spectrum of adobe because of having a license.

Another interesting aspect of this tool is it is not used to hiding itself in spam. Its intention is clear that I will not bring any cause or harmful material to your computer. Even if you are using adobe cloud account. From any aspect, your computer would be safe from harmful content. All AMTEmu will do is doing some magic of replacing the original file to the modified one. Sounds tricky but this is what AMTEmu is expert in. 

It is very famous among the people for activating Photoshop but it is not only made for it. This can activate all the products of Adobe.

AMTEmu is not an ordinary tool to activate adobe Photoshop merely, but its potential is more than this. You can activate all the products of adobe. Don’t forget this fact.

In the latest version of this activator, the developer added the support for the latest version of Adobe products. Also, he fixed so many bugs which were founded in the older version.

For making it more exciting, the developer has added more honey to its latest version so that you can avail of the latest version of Adobe products. In addition to this, the bugs in the older version are to be removed which were part of the older version by the developer. Noe AMTEmu has become more than your expectations.

Name: Amtemu
Size: 2.6MB
Operating System: Windows
Updated: 1 Day Ago

Features Of AMTEmu

Features Of AMTEmu

So you now must be aware that how useful is this activator. Let’s now check out the features list of this awesome activator. You have just learned how worthy this tool is for you now. But there is much to tell you about AMTEmu. It was just the tip of the iceberg. You need to know the unprecedented features of this tool yet. So, let’s get into it and take a look at its features. 

Activate Any Adobe Products

One of the most exciting features of AMTEmu is it is not confined to activate some specific product of adobe. But it can deal with all the products and versions of adobe at the same time. Now you don’t need to search for different tools for a different version of adobe. You may be surprised to know that I can activate the latest versions of 2018 and 2019 products as well. I imagine the level of happiness on your face.

No Tracking

Nowadays no one could be sure that if somehow he/she is being tracked. A major concern is to take into account. AMTEmu has realized your reservations and in turn, has removed all those trackers who track your activations and activities. So you are just an anonymous from the Adobe Servers.

Get Updates

Life changes every moment so does the desire of every user to get the latest updates. AMTEmu will facilitate you to fulfill your desire of being updated. That is another key feature of AMTEmu that it doesn’t restrict the updates. You will also get the updates from the Creative Cloud if you use AMTEmu to activate Photoshop now.

Both OS Supported

You might be thinking that it can be applied only in the Windows Operating System. I am afraid to say that you are misguided at some point. AMTEmu is also supported by the Mac Operating System. I am sure this news pauses you for a while and you unconsciously say yes this is what I want to have. You should be happy now😀

Life Time Activation

We all know that we are allowed limited access to the software like Adobe. Having lifetime access is out of the blue. But wait. You can have AMTEmu once for all. Yes, I know what I am saying. You are now free to activate it again and again after a specific time. This will not bother you until you install a fresh Windows or try to Uninstall the Adobe Product from your computer. Enjoy lifetime access to Adobe products.

Never Send Data to Adobe

I know no one ever compromises its computer security or puts it at risk in any case. This has been made sure by developers of AMTEmu that it should not cause any harm to your computer. This tool is 100% secure and you will never get banned from the Adobe. The reason is it doesn’t send the statistics data to Adobe Servers. Feel secure to use AMTEmu on your computer.

Never Run In Background

This is a very professional tool and it will never use your identity to run or perform anything. Once you activate it and close it immediately, it will be closed. It won’t run in the background without your permission. Also, you can verify it by checking in the Task Manager to get satisfied.

N-Bit Support

It is a phenomenal tool that can operate in both variants if you are using a 32bit version of Photoshop or 64bit. It is very flexible. Therefore, AMTEmu will activate both the products without having another activator.

Light In Size

Well, one of the concerns of the users is that they are afraid of installing big files on their computers. They are computer space-conscious in other words. So, this tool is for those who are looking for a light size file of the adobe products activator. AMTEmu is very light in size. This would not take much space on your Hard Disk. In case you feel that your hard disk is out of space, then, you can even delete it right after activating it.

No Ads

Sometimes, ads become a source of irritation and discomfort. Especially, when you are installing something new on your computer. This is a piece of good news for you that there are no ads AMTEmu contains. This means that when you activate the Adobe Product you won’t get disturbed by annoying ads. Happy now?

100% Free

I giving you 100% free news that AMTEmu is also 100% free. Isn’t it strange? Yes, It does so, but you cannot deny the fact that it is what makes it special among other activators. The developer; PainteR, has made AMTEmu free of cost and for all as well. It is time to spend a lot of dollars on useless tools. This activator does not require you to pay any penny for it. Also, you find some website demanding some money for this activator, feel free to report the concerned author any time. So, don’t get trap by those thugs and get it free from our site.

Virus Free

Virus and Trojan are like thorns that are obvious with the roses. But this scenario is opposite in terms of this activator. It is verified and made sure that this activator will bring any virus and Trojan files to your computer at any rate. AMTEmu is being scanned by the Virus Total and other online services and found there is no such virus included. You can download 100% virus-free and Trojans free from here.

Download AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher 2020

Many of you are new to my website. For those who still don’t know how to download AMTEmu then you are advised to get benefits from this site. The downloading procedure is very simple. All you need to do is to stay with me all the way to have what you would have been looking for. You will be provided the desired link over here along with step by step guide to download AMTEmu easily.

Download AMTEmu

Very warm welcome here. You will find here Download Page just below in this guide. You need to click on a given button and that’s it. Bingo!

You will be redirected to the download page after that. You will see another button labeled as Click Here To Download AMTEmu here on this page. Click on it slightly.

You will then see a Mediafire link once you perform your job. After a while, you can simply click on download now and wait for 5 seconds. Patience must be there. Then, your download will be started automatically. All set now.

The next thing you need to do is select the destination folder accordingly wherever you want to save your file. If you ask me my recommendations at this point, I would say save it the most prominent place on your computer which is none other than Desktop where you can easily find the file. Click on Download Now in IDM after deciding the saved location.

Your download will now begin and it will be downloaded in sometimes depending on your internet speed.

I want to make myself clear here. The time of downloading will depend on your internet service. The file of AMTEmu will start to download now.  

Many congrats on downloading the file of AMTEmu on your computer successfully.

Let’s continue our journey to install this exciting patcher on your computer.

How to Install AMTEmu

You are thinking about you will have to go through a tricky procedure of installation after downloading AMTEmu. But you may be surprised to know that it does not require such as tiring procedure. All you need to do is to extract the downloaded file which you would found on your desktop. Use it by double-clicking on AMTEmu.exe. Well done you have done a tremendous job. That’s all for now.

Activate Adobe Products with AMTEmu

Before going to activate adobe products through AMTEmu, let me tell you equivocally it is not a very difficult task. It is more than easy than you expect it and it will take not more than a few minutes. So, don’t panic. You are doing a great job.

If you are not clear about any step of it then I suggest you read this guide to learn how you can activate any Adobe Product using AMTEmu by PainteR. Got it?

Let’s move on to the practical things which need your attention. One thing you need to make sure is that ‘Disable’ your antivirus. Also, close Adobe products if you are engaging with them at the time of activation. In addition to this disengages Creative Cloud from the System Tray if it is still active.

Disable Real Time Protection 1

Disable your antivirus

At this stage, I need to draw your attention to the protocol of AMTEmu activation. You must ensure that you disconnect your internet connection or turn off your WiFi for a few seconds.

The next thing that must be done right now is press Right-Click on and click on Extract files. Are you following the instructions? Great

 After performing the said instruction you will see WinRar Window. You need to just click on Ok and your file will be extracted in an AMTEmu named folder.

After that open that folder and Double Click on AMTEmu.exe. It’s time to interact with the main part of your Window. Here you need to choose the Adobe Product which you want to activate also version year.

After choosing that click on Patch, and then it will ask you to search the amtlib.dll file.

Universal Adobe Patching

Universal Adobe Patching

If you are wondering about where the downloaded file of universal Adobe patching then follows the given steps. You need to Open My Computer > Local Disk (C) > Program Files or Program Files (32) > Adobe. In this folder you will find the amtlib.dll file, just select that file and click on open.

How to Active Universal Adobe


If you are using Photoshop 2018 but there in activator there is no option for 2018 then you can also use the 2017 version. It will also activate it there are no such changes are made in activation files that’s why he didn’t add another option for the 2018 version

That’s it you have now successfully activated your Adobe Product. Just restart your computer and then open the product you activated then you can see there is no expiry date written 😀

This means that it is activated and can be used for the rest of life 😀

Alternative 2020

The performance of Amtemu is out of the question. There is no doubt that it is the best tool to activate any Adobe Product. Therefore, most of the users find it useful. But exceptions are also part of life, however. Thus, some users do not understand installation properly or could not handle it. I truly appreciate their concern. Hence, I would feel privileged to suggest some alternative if in case you are among those who are interested in them. Because there is a range of activators that can unlock adobe products instead of Amtemu. You will find these alternative tools useful and professional. You know what I can only tell you the best alternatives which I used and check by myself. So, trust me and keep reading.

Adobe Zii

Adobe Zii is an alternative for Universal Adobe Patcher and it is also developed by the same Russian developer PainteR. This tool is not usable for Windows as it is only supported by macOS, with the help of this you can activate any product on Mac easily without facing any issue.

It is working 100% fine and no one has ever faced an issue with it, even though you can call it Amtemu of Mac if you want to.

Adobe Zii supports the activation for all Adobe products including 2019, it automatically detects the installed tool on your mac and activates it in real-time.

By using this you won’t face reactivation error because it gives your lifetime activation. Another feature of this activator is that it allows you to patch the product manually in case automatic function doesn’t work.

Learn More: Adobe ZII Download


My second recommendation for alternative the Universal Adobe Patcher is Adobe CCMaker. It is unlike an ordinary activator.

This activator will help you in two ways. It will not assist you to activate the product firstly. Also, it further helps you to download the Adobe product additionally.

The core purpose of this tool is to facilitate those who don’t have an adobe account and intended to download adobe products on their computers.

One of the paramount features of CCMaker is it can be applicable for both, Windows & macOS, formats of the operating systems at the same time. CCMake is not confined to activate adobe products only. But it will help you to download the plugins after downloading any product of adobe. 

Generally, users find it difficult to use tools according to their language but you will have a choice to select any language you wanted to add on. Moreover, you will be able to reduce the size of the product accordingly.

By and large, whenever you wanted to download and install CCMaker, you will be given an option to activate the product through Amtemu at the end.

Learn More: CCMaker Version 1.3.7 For Mac & Windows

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You just went through amazing features of the AMTEmu and I am sure you have tied it after that. Have you found any confusion while reading the features? Did you download it easily as you have been instructed? Have you experienced to activate your Photoshop or After Effect using AMTEmu? If so, but still your mind is filled with questions about AMTEmu and its practicalities. No worried this section is for you particularly. It will help you to overcome your concerns. I have gathered most frequently asked questions by doing rigorous research on the internet and taken into account the most famous Q n A forums such as Quora, etc. I have presented here the list of key concerns for your convenience. I will help you to find your answers. Check out the list below if you are unable to find your answer please feel free to ask in the comment section.

Is using AMTEmu is piracy?

Technically it is big yes because using any third-party activator to activate the Adobe Products is piracy. In addition to this, it is also considered illegal to use such activators. However, if people are using it, so you can use it without any issue.

I accidentally deleted the amtlib.dll file? what should I do?

Apparently, it is a big mistake as, without it, you won’t be able to activate your Adobe Product. You’re the solution lies within the problem. So, don’t worry you can now download the amtlib.dll by just clicking on the name. Just download the file and paste it in Local Disk (C) > Program Files / Program Files (32) > Adobe. I am sure you find your answer.

Can I use Amtemu on my Mac?

Indeed you can use it for Mac as well. It is also available for the Mac Operating System. The point that you need to keep in mind is careful while downloading files, don’t try to download and install the Windows file in Mac. Got it?

Can I Download adobe photoshop using Amtemu?

I am afraid to say No because Ametmu is not a downloader tool it will only help you to activate the Adobe product. If in case you are looking for software that helps you to download Adobe Photoshop then you can use CCMaker.

Why Amtemu?

Amtemu has been designed as an activation tool for Adobe products such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Acrobat, and others. The background of recommending this activator is that it will give you permanent activation free of cost. So, save your money and time and have fun using adobe products free of cost.

Is Amtemu free to use?

There is no doubt that it is free for all. Amtemu is a free tool made for everyone. The best part of it is you can use it on many computers you want. You will never charge a penny for this and it doesn’t ask for a subscription.


It is a well-known fact that AMTEmu by PainteR is one of the best and the useful activator of Adobe Products so far. There are so many reasons for its justification. But very common are it has the most useful features which other activators don’t provide.

The best thing that makes it different from other activators is you never being tracked by the concerned authorities as it doesn’t share your statistics with Adobe nor it track your activities. Contrary to this, when you use any other tool to activate Adobe Products, you are afraid of being caught and banned from Adobe. You will not face these troubles while using AMT Emulator. The strategy that employs this activator is it disallows Adobe to access your recent activities and makes you anonymous.

Besides that, it allows you to receive updates from the Creative Cloud, which is a great thing that no other activator can offer you. This way you will never miss any updates from Adobe and always get the latest version directly from Creative Cloud App.


AMTEmu universal adobe patcher

AMTEmu by PainteR is a free tool that is used to activate the Adobe Products. This tool can activate all the versions from 2018 and belove.

Price Currency: USD
Operating System: Windows
Application Category: Activator