Latest Software to Control Asus RGB: Asus Aura Sync Download

Are you prepared to illuminate your Gaming PC with your wanted colors and results? Then you have actually involved the Right Area. Yes, I already understand you are facing issues with a lot of the lighting regulating applications (also offered from the main websites). Below you will certainly get the Download link for Asus Aura Sync (100% Working).

And also I will certainly be offering you a basic direction by complying with which you’ll have the ability to sync your RGB components like you constantly have actually wanted it to be. In this article, I’ll be responding to an established few questions which I’m often inquired about Asus Aura sync. I’ll likewise answer all your concerns related to this topic in the comment section at the end of the post if you have any inquiries.

Latest Software to Control Asus RGB: Asus Aura Sync Download

What is Aura sync

ASUS Aura Sync is an app by which you can integrate the RGB lighting components of your Gaming PC. You can turn on/off your element’s LED lighting by using this software. You can likewise transform their colors and also set several wonderful effects to showcase your lovely gaming PC along with understanding numerous details.

For Example: By this control panel turn your LED lights to Green shade when your PC temperature appropriates on the other hand it starts to become orange and also red specifically according to your PC’s temperature level increment.

How to download Asus Aura Sync

Here’s the 100% working version of Asus Aura Sync: Please be noted, there are 3 main versions of aura sync.

which are: V 1.07.71, V 1.07.66, V 1.07.60

Important Note: All the files stated above are hosted in ASUS’S web server. We do not host or customize any data whatsoever. Asus Aura is a proprietary software of Asus.

Keep in mind that:

You have to have the latest BIOS firmware recalled on your motherboard. Just downloading the app will not do the job if you do not follow the detailed installation process that we have actually offered listed below: Additionally, look into our utmost review on the most effective spending plan AIO cooler Cooler Master ML240R. which is likewise aura sync compatible.

How to install Asus Aura Sync

  • Extract the installation documents.
  • Dual click the documents named axlns & atkexComSvc individually.
  • Go back and also install the app from the configuration documents.
  • Install the app in the recommended folder shown while the installation process.
  • Restart the computer when it asks after finishing the installation process.

The process is quite straightforward. So, make certain that you do not miss any kind of step. Pro tip: Look into this straightforward way to enhance your shooting gameplay. Prior to we go additionally extra: Let me inform you that, if you have already set up aura sync as soon as then uninstall the these adhering to apps from you PC: AURA/ Aura Sync, Aura lighting solution & Light Control.

Aura Sync ​Software Bugs

Let’s be honest: It’s full of bugs and errors! 

After setting up aura you might encounter several kinds of problems like: not working, not setting up, and various other compatibility problems. Don’t stress, you’re not the only one in this scenario. I have actually prepared an extensive aura sync troubleshooting guide. All you need to do is comply with the overview.

How to synchronize non-compatible components with aura sync

  • Utilize a ROG Aura Terminal if your motherboard isn’t aura sync compatible.
  • Replace the RGB LED strips of the non-compatible components with a aura sync compatible LED strip.
  • Link the led strips to the compatible motherboard or ROG Aura Incurable (If your motherboard isn’t compatible with aura sync).

All About Lighting : RGB,ARGB Explained

What is RGB?

The term RGB represents Red Green Blue. In the case of PC Lighting, RGB means the LED of the Components and devices can show several colors mixing these 3 colors. A lot of RGB components can show up to 16.8 million distinct colors.

What are the main differences between a RGB and an ARGB component?

It will definitely work if the motherboard and also components are Aura sync compatible. It will not work on the motherboard & components which aren’t compatible with it. But I’ve located service to repair that trouble likewise which I’ll be defining while addressing the following inquiry listed below.