Discord Screen Share: How to Fix Black Screen Error

Do you want to connect with your gaming squad using your Desktop Screen? I recognize you might be questioning exactly how you can interact with others using a Screen only.

Don’t overthink as I have the most straightforward remedy to your problem. In this article, I am going to show you just how to enable Discord Screen Share easily. I have given some fixes for Discord screen share mistakes at the end of this blog post.

What is Discord Screen Share?

What is Discord Screen Share?

The screen share in Discord is a feature that permits users on your Discord conversation server (maximum 10) to engage with your screen. Discord is among the best app that aid users to communicate with others with the message, voice, as well as video phone calls.

In addition to the Screen share feature, you can likewise implement video calling simultaneously, a superior inbuilt quality of Discord. Need to know the most useful part? Using the Screen Share feature in Discord does not call for the installment of any extra software application. Trendy, isn’t it? So, let’s enable this feature as quickly as feasible.

How to Enable Discord Screen Share

A lot of individuals do not understand about the Screen share feature. Instead, they only make use of voice chat for interacting. You as well as approximately 9 other people can go real-time using this feature by sharing your desktop screen. For enabling this feature, you require to see to it that your video and also audio hardware are geared appropriately on Discord.

Video/Camera Settings

The best way to accessibility Discord Screen Share is to modify some settings from the settings web page of discord. Your question could be: How to enable discord screen share?

Here are the actions to enable discord screen share:

  • Most likely to the settings page by clicking the cog icon just to the right of your username.
  • After going to the “App Settings”, choose “Voice & Video” from the left pane.
  • Navigate to the “Video Settings” and also pick your camera.
  • Over to the right, you will certainly see the option “Test Video”. Offer it a trial in order to make certain every little thing is working smoothly.

ADD Friends

It’s apparent that To start a video call; you will need to add Friends on Discord. When everyone gets on your Friend checklist, you can currently get the market began!

How to add friends in discord and call them?

Here are the steps to add friends to discord as well as video call them:

  • Browse to your “Homepage” by clicking on the Discord icon located on the top left of the screen.
  • Click on Friends to open your “Friend List.”
  • From here, you can either browse the username of that buddy or drift over their username that will show you the alternative to begin a Video Call.
  • By clicking on the good friend’s name, you can currently straight message them.
  • Over the DM window, you will undoubtedly see the proper icon to begin a Video Call.


There are numerous attributes you can make use of to arrange points the means you such as when your call has started.

Here are the salient attributes you can do after you start a call.

You can expand your screen with the “Expand Down” arrow. After you start a video call, clicking on the arrowhead at the top left corner will undoubtedly broaden your video screen to the maximum elevation in Discord.

After you enable a video call, you will observe 2 symbols at the bottom of the screen. These 2 symbols will offer you the alternative of exchanging from a video call to enabling screen share.

I believe you ought to know with the “Video Call” icon now. But, did you see the Screen Share Icon? The icon to the left that shows a monitor screen with an arrowhead at the center is the “Screen Share” icon.

With this icon, you can exchange in between the Video and Screen Share Mode anytime throughout the call. While exchanging in between screen share and also video call, you can either select which display screen to share or a specific application home window.

The best feature of that Button is:

You can also swap to and fro between monitor screen share as well as application home window by clicking the screen share icon.

Leave Call Button

This button does precisely what it says. When this button is pushed, you will go down the call. Prevent mistakenly clicking this button till you’re performed with your conversation

You will observe an icon that appears like a microphone to the right of the “Leave Call” button. This is the “Toggle” icon, which will undoubtedly silence or unmute your microphone.

Toggle full screen is another feature of Discord screen share. Clicking on the Toggle complete screen icon will fully expand your video call screen. If you wish to leave the full screen, merely press the ESC secret.

If you intend to focus on a specific user while in a group video call, you can click the customer’s character to pull their video into emphasis while keeping aside others into a marquee to the right.

Click an additional individual’s character from the marquee, if you wish to change emphasis to a different user.

You have the option of enabling your noises on the screen while you get on the screen share setting. If you wish to allow other users to listen to all the pings and chimes, you’ll require to toggle the SOUND while in the “Application Window.”

However it worsens when I say:

Screen share mode is not currently readily available on mobile systems. So, this is how you enable Discord Screen Share. Yet users often encounter a black screen while using Discord Screen Share. Let me likewise offer you with the Fix for Discord Screen Share Black Screen.

Fix Discord Screen Share Black Screen

You may have come across with this insect frequently while you were attempting to enable Discord Screen Share. While enabling Discord Screen Share, if you discover a black screen showing up in front of the screen, there isn’t anything to worry about.

You can fix this problem quickly. Comply with the actions below to improve Discord screen share Black screen error: 1. Initially, try rebooting your PC. 2. Open up the Discord app as well as reactivate the Screen Share 3. It is much better to try to find a GPU.

Sometimes, the problem can be caused due to instantly changing GPU. 4. Update the GPU motorist to its latest variation. 5. If your question still lingers, after that, try uninstalling and also re-installing the Discord App. One more problem which Discord users usually face while enabling Discord screen share is Audio, not functioning issue. Do not stress.

Fix Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

While streaming and using the screen sharing feature on the conversation server, you might sometimes come across discord audio, not functioning issues. The impact of the audio concerns can be avoided if you can confirm that the SOUND button is toggled ON. You can likewise upgrade your Audio motorists to fix this concern.


Discord Screen Share is an excellent means to share your ongoing development with your buddies using your Desktop screen only. Every attribute of Screen Share is fantastic as well as worth it. My recommendations would certainly be: Try Enabling Discord Screen Share and also interact with your Friends.