How to Fix ASUS Laptop RGB Backlight Not Working

Are you encountering problems with turning on the ASUS Keyboard Backlight? Don’t worry, This blog post is just for you. Like you, several ASUS users have encountered RGB not working issues. So, in this post, I will certainly be showing to you how to fix ASUS laptop RGB not working issue. Let’s get going.

Reasons Behind ASUS Keyboard Backlight Not Working

How to Fix ASUS Laptop RGB Backlight Not Working

I think you will agree with me to the point that:

SUS is just one of the globe’s largest leading manufacturers in the computing market. In fact, ASUS supplies products varying from premium motherboards to graphics cards. Yet just recently, a number of users reported that the ASUS Keyboard is not presenting the Backlight at all.

There might be a number of reasons behind this issue. However, by collecting information, I came to to understand that the reasons behind Laptop RGB not working issue are a couple of. So, allow’s learn more about the reasons for which you can not activate the Keyboard Backlight.

Fixes for ASUS Laptop Keyboard Backlight issues

ReasonsBrief explanationPossible fix
Lack of proper ATK driversATK utility key assigns functions to different keys like changing screen brightness, turning on wireless networking, switching between monitor and external video source and turning on keyboard lights.Try out the mentioned steps below in this post, to know how to install proper ATK drivers.
Hardware issuesIt is possible that the manufacturer’s hardware does not sync properly with the windows operating system.Refresh and check each hardware component to fix this issue.
Major Windows updatesIt is seen that after a fresh windows installation and a major windows update, the keyboard Backlight stops working or the lights get fixed with the same intensity.Try out the mentioned steps below in this post to fix such issues.
Error stateMost likely, your laptop is in an error state which could be the possible cause for this issue.Try restarting everything and the problem will get fixed in no time.

How to Enable RGB lighting on laptop

Prior to we head in the direction of the fixes, let me inform you first exactly how to control the lighting intensity of your laptop. You are most likely to see many keys on your laptop yet, you may not know exactly how to use them correctly. For managing the light intensity, there is a button named Fn, which is called the function key. You can activate the backlight by pressing Fn+F4 at the same time. Pressing Fn+F4 keys continually will help you boost the brightness of the light. And also, pushing Fn+F3 keys continually will help you lower the brightness, and also eventually it will certainly turn off the backlight.

How to control RGB lighting on laptop

Like Aura sync, Asus Armoury crate is also an app to control the RGB lighting of your pc gaming accessories and Asus Laptop’s keyboard backlight. You can quickly control the RGB lighting on your laptop. You can customize the shades according to your desire.

You can set numerous RGB lighting results also. so, do not miss out on the possibility of downloading the ASUS Armoury crate. More on ASUS Armoury crate is given in our separate article. so, make certain to inspect it for fixing this issue.

Fix for Laptop Backlight Not Working

Your question might be, exactly how to fix Backlight issues? Yet the more crucial question is: Will the following fix help just certain laptops? Well, the response is quite easy. The fixes I am offering will certainly help any RGB sustained laptops although I will be concentrating on ASUS ROG STRIX G531GV-AL172, ASUS TUF FX505DT as well as ASUS MARK III G531GW because of its demand. So let’s not waste time as well as head towards the fixes.

Method:1 Using ASUS Armoury Crate Properly

If you don’t know about the ASUS armoury crate, then let me inform you about it in short. Armory crate is a software program construct by ASUS which takes care of several features including Turbo Mode, Hyper fan Mode, Highlights, Aura, GPU Overclocking, and so on. OK, so the first thing you need to do is:

  • Download Armoury crate from ASUS original website or you can download it from other resources too although my personal suggestions would certainly be to download it from the original website.
  • After downloading and install Armoury Crate, go to the video gaming console symbol at the left.
  • Click on System.
  • On system you will see three options.
  • Click on Lighting.
  • Scroll down a little bit and also there you will see Customize. Click on Customize. After clicking customize, you will certainly see a turn up message.
  • Click OKAY as well as your keyboard will certainly be out of AURA sync and will turn the lights off.
  • Now, on the ideal side you will see a box that says EDIT SWITCH TO CUSTOMIZE AURA. Click that.
  • Finally, you can either customize the lightings or you can just click ok. After clicking OK, your keyboard will be once more AURA synced and also your Keyboard backlights will activate once more.

Method 2: Using proper ATK drivers

The absence of proper ATK drivers might result in laptop RGB not working issue.

Your question could be:

What is ATK? What is its functions?

Well, ATK Hotkey vehicle driver is an ASUS software application for various laptop models and the ATK energy key appoints functions to various keys like altering display brightness, activating cordless networking, switching between monitor and exterior video clip source and also switching on keyboard lights.

For installing proper ATK drivers, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Get in the official ASUS internet site.
  • Scroll down and also you will see a message stating, Go into Download Industry.
  • Click Download Sector as well as enter your item information as well as spec.
  • Select the os also.
  • Now, you will certainly be required to a web page where all the drivers will be available.
  • Download the current ATK vehicle driver.
  • After downloading and install, unzip the documents.
  • Click on configuration and wait until the process coatings. Restart your computer system to save changes after setting up ATK.

Method 3: Power Cycling the Laptop

The best means to fix laptop RGB issues is starting with power biking. Power Cycling is a way of powering off your laptop and draining the fixed fee as well.

  • Turn off your laptop by completely shutting it down.
  • Secure the power line and also the various other cable televisions connected to laptop to offer it a rest.
  • Currently wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • This will certainly provide your Laptop a rest. Afterwards, plug everything back in as well as inspect if your problem is fixed or not.

Method 4: Running Hardware and Device Troubleshooting

It is better to try running the hardware as well as gadgets troubleshooter first. This will check each of your hardware elements one by one as well as will rapidly locate if anything is wrong with the system of your Laptop and also will certainly also fix the issue.

  • Open Control Panel and select the option of Troubleshooting.
  • Select “View all” option to list all the troubleshooting packs available from the left side of the window.
  • Now select Hardware and Devices.
  • Wait for some time until Windows finishes its work and then restart your laptop after the fix is applied.


Question: Exactly how to raise as well as decrease lighting intensity on ASUS TUF FX505DT?

Answer: Press Fn+F4 to raise light intensity as well as Fn+F3 to reduce light intensity.

Question: Where can I Download ASUS Armoury Crate?

Answer: You can download the ASUS Armoury crate from ASUS official website.

Question: Why is ASUS Armoury Crate not servicing my laptop?

Answer: It’s possibly since your ASUS item doesn’t support the Armoury crate.

Question: Can I mount ATK drivers on my Dell laptop?

Answer: Yes, you can install it on your dell laptop however, most probably some features will be missing on the ATK hotkey package.

Final Words

Having a great laptop like ASUS ROG STRIX G531GV-AL172, ASUS TUF FX505DT and ASUS SCAR III G531GW is like staying in heaven. However, due to some small problems if the laptop computers backlight continues to be non-active then, it’s a matter of overall stress.

You can try the above fixes I gave to address this issue yet, still if you don’t see any kind of modifications after that most probably your laptop does not sustain any RGB functions or maybe there is something else wrong with it.