KMSAuto Net Activator Download For Windows 2020

Are you tired of being running for the best activator to your windows? Have you found any tool to perform windows fast, functional and free? Still, struggling? Well, it’s time to take a sigh of satisfaction. I can feel your breaths. Well done.

Allow me to Present KMSAuto Net for Microsoft users who wanted to use all versions of windows. Must be Shocking for you? Isn’t it?

KMSAuto offers you to activate any version of Windows from Windows 7 to the most advanced version of windows 10. While it has been carefully examined the tool to be virus free for the protection of your windows and user friendly.

You mainly have the experience that this sort of tool can easily be downloaded and the file goes to spam which means it’s a total scam. That is why it is endured that KMSAuto’s will not be going to spam. KMSAuto for windows users is completely free for its users.

 But wait a minute a have something for you instead of this. You can use Microsoft’s latest version of Office which is 365 besides. How does it sound? Great!

 You are thinking that I must be kidding but I am dammed serious about that. It’s an open challenge! You wouldn’t find any example of such an activator that can claim a parallel offer.

Name: KMSAuto
Size: 5.0 MB
Version: 10.2.0
Requires: Net Framework 4.0
Developer Team: DAZ
Category: Activator
Updated: 1/1/2020
Content Rating: 5 Stars
Installed: 600,000,000+
Features: One Click

What Is KMSAuto Net

KMSAuto NetBefore moving on to introduce properly I must tell you KMSaAuto is not a mare activator for windows. It is more than that. Let me show you how. Hold on, please.

KMSAuto can do multi-tasking accurately at the same time while activating your windows. It has many spectacular features. For instance, you can use KMSAuto for activating windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Do you know what does this means? I am sure you know that.

This means that you do not need to download and install different activators for different versions of windows. This responsibility has been taken by KMSAuto just to make you at ease.

 Moreover, KMSAuto is capable enough to activate your Microsoft Office ranging from 2006 to 2016. Also if you use Microsoft Office’s new version; office 365, it’s not a big deal now. KMSAuto is there for your help.

KMSAoto designs for everyone. Its audience is the general public around the world. To make you comfortable while installing it on your computer, this does not require any professional skills to operate.

This tool is one hundred present secure and virus-free for activating windows. Whereas alternative windows activators contain viruses or Trojans as the users have reported so far. The effect of the virus is understood; harm your computer badly and stuck your windows. It’s the rationale why KMSAuto is most renowned among people. As a result, it is easy to use and reliable for windows.

How KMSAuto Works

KMSAuto works constantly because of the Microsoft KMS Server. The Microsoft suggested Key Management Server (KMS) for giant firms of windows users.

Those firms and companies have to deal with several computers to activate windows and continue their work. To keep their work streamline and smooth they were forced to purchase windows licenses to have access to the windows. After all these hardships they had to struggle with activating windows separately.

 Microsoft’s owner Bill Gates took it on a serious note and directed their developing team to design Key Management Server with an immediate effect. Here is the secret that I need to tell you about the KMSAuto working mechanism.

 Whenever you try to activate windows, the windows connect to the server and windows think that it gets signal from the genuine source. Also, whenever you update Windows, it mechanically activated their machine while not inserting the key.

You maybe wonder how does this happen. The fact is the keys which are given by KMSAuto are always up to date and able to activate your windows.

One of the other things you can do with the provided keys is that you can easily activate Microsoft Office within just a few clicks.

Key Features

There are lots of options that KMSAuto is offering to its windows users. It is better to understand the windows activator so that your doubts could be crystal clear later on. It’s a common practice all over the world that we used to check product efficacy and worthiness before going to purchase.

Key Features Of KMSAuto Net 2020

 The same rule applies to the KMSAuto activator for windows. You should consider all the features before going to install it on your windows operating system. It is advisable to go through all the given features carefully. A list of KMSAuto windows activator’s features are given below;

Activate Windows

Every activator of has its nature of work and capability. Some activators are usually designed for the Mac operating system. Others are designed for windows specifically. This KMSAuto activator helps you in activating the Microsoft Windows operating system without paying a single penny.

 If you’re one amongst them who doesn’t wish to shop for or don’t have enough cash to induce a resourceful copy of the Windows operating system.

Then you would prefer to use the KMSAuto activator to activate your Windows. It provides you access to have an original window which suggests that once you connect your computer to the web then it’ll show Microsoft that you got original Windows.

 This sends a message that you are not breaching Microsoft’s security and having genuine windows.

You know we ate living a competitive environment where everyone claims something that has never claimed before.

This is the nature of the market. It truly applies to the market of windows activator. You might have already experienced that so many developers are claiming that they can give you free access to the windows without any additional charge.

But they are deceiving you in one way or another. They will give you nothing but deception.

It’s a humble request to keep away from those thugs and make sure that you chose an activator wisely.

Many alternative activators do constantly that what they are offering is genuine. However, they got caught due to serious violations of Microsoft security and identified as spammers. The effect is enormous than you can imagine. They could further deactivate your Windows as punishment.

Activate Microsoft Office

Having a window in your computer is a good thing but missing Office in it raises many quotations and intern makes your office work stagnant. The office has become an essential part of every windows user because of its connection to professional life.

 The users who are looking for an activator for windows are also considered this fact that the activator must activate Office. KMSAuto knows this fact very well. It offers you to activate your office of any versions from old to a new one.

This is a floating fact that most of the sites give you access to use Office but they maintain the condition. You cannot use the downloaded version for more than 30 days. After that, you will have to pay the price which would be your purchasing power. However, you continue to wish to use it free while not paying cash. Well, it’s time to have some smile on your face because KMSAuto additionally helps you in activating your Office.

It doesn’t matter if you’re employing a 2007 version or 2016. This activator activates all the versions of MS office including office 365.

This way, you’ll be able to fancy all the restricted options of the office free till you install your Windows or deleted your office.

Activate Windows Keys

If you’re the one who doesn’t perceive the KMS Server and desires to activate their Windows employing a product key then you’ll be able to additionally try this by exploiting this code.

Now you ought not to realize the correct keys for your Windows and waste your hours in looking on Google. As you know that numerous websites claim that they offer you the initial windows keys, however, they solely offer you good-for-naught dummy keys.

KMSAuto mechanically detects the Windows version then provides you the correct key inside a couple of seconds. So, then you wish to repeat that key and enter it in Activate Windows Section, and you’re done. That it!

No Advertisements

Now a day’s business cannot run without advertisements. In other words, advertisements consider the backbone of your business and promotional activities as well. But you get irritated when you have been presented advertisements unnecessary without taking time and place into accounts.

In the online world, this would be amazing if some products offer your ad-free item. How does this sound? This is one of the foremost valuable options that I like concerning KMSAuto activator because it doesn’t contain any ads. I even have used several windows activators however they contain too many annoying ads that disturb once activating Windows.

You’ll be able to activate your office and Windows OS while not obtaining disturbed by those advertisements.

Backup Files

We have become conscious and careful concerning our files without which we do not even exist and survive in professional life at all. What if your necessary files are being assured to be safe and sound on your computer? This you may look for.

 KMSAuto is giving you its assurance to make your file safe. It mechanically backup the activation files therefore whenever you install your Windows it’ll then install it with none any steps.

This nice feature helps you once your windows suddenly got corrupted and you don’t have the file or not connected with the web.

Permanently Activate Windows

We are offering you100% genuine windows and this is limited so don’t waste your time avail this opportunity. You may have come across claims like these. No one can give you permanent access to activate windows. They simply can’t afford this offer.

 If you have been trapped and activated your windows with another activator, then you should keep in mind that they’re not permanent access to windows. Your windows mechanically got deactivated.

But this KMSAuto activator is the only one through which your Windows are put in for good. You don’t activate windows once more and again when a selected time.

100% Virus Free

Security is the first concern of every windows user. Normally, it has become an obvious fact that the file contains virus or malware content when some file being downloaded by the website. Windows users have genuine concerns because it is what it is.

KMSAuto activator is one hundred % secure and viruses free for your windows. Don’t worry concerning the Trojans or malware, its malware proof. It’s checked by the Virus Total and is trustworthy by several users on the web. KMSAuto activator is certified windows friendly.

System Requirements

Some requirements are suggesting you make sure before going to install MKSAuto for your windows. This is not a long list though. Read it and check the suitability of the system accordingly. The system requirements of KMSAuto activator are given below as;

  • It needs to have .NET Framework 4 Package installed on your computer.
  • You need to log in as an Administrator otherwise it will not work.
  • 5MB of your Hard Disk space is required to install.

It seems as you are have got the idea of what exactly the KMSAuto is and a little bit about system speciation. I have tried my best to introduced KMSAuto to you properly. And I am sure that you grasped all the features of KMSAuto very well.

You simply read the features of the KMSAuto Activator and might be excited to know more about it. Want to download the activator now for your windows? Well, you deserve to be. Here is the procedure of downloading the KMSAuto windows activator.

Download KMSAuto 2020

Then let’s simply pass to the download link and additionally will teach you how to download KMSAuto using our download hyperlink.


First of all, you need to click on the download button that is given above. When you click on that you will then be redirected to our download page.

After that, you want to click on the download button which is located there & you then get the Mediafire hyperlink.

Now inside the Mediafire just click on the Download Now & it will take few seconds and then your downloading request for the KMSAuto activator’s file will begin automatically.

Downloading time varies depending on your net speed. Don’t blame on my download hyperlink.

How to Install KMSAuto

Installing KMSAuto is a little bit special than putting in any ordinary software. Because it desires to have your antivirus disabled before proceeding to the setup process.

If you don’t disable your antivirus or Windows Defender then it’ll delete your KMSAuto. Don’t be frightened of viruses it’s steady 100%, however, the reason behind that is that Microsoft has blacklisted it because it activates the Windows OS.

Disable your antivirus or Windows Defender 2020

As you realize that activating the Windows or every other software the usage of the third-party activator is piracy. This is why they have Blacklisted KMSAuto Activator.

Ok, enough communicate now let’s circulate to the installation process.

  • First of all, as I instructed you above you need to disable your antivirus or Windows Defender.
  • Now extract the document and enter the password (You can locate the password here).
  • After extracting simply double click at the icon and an installation window will appear.
  • In that window follows all of the steps after which KMSAuto may be mounted to your computer.

That’s all. Isn’t it easy?

Now right here comes the main part of this newsletter which is activating the MS Office and Windows using KMSAuto. Read the rule of thumb below so you don’t make any mistakes while activating.

How to Activate Windows Using KMS AUTO

So far so good now, but the tricky things need to follow. You just downloaded the KMSAuto activator for windows;

How To Activate Windows using KMS AUTO

it’s time to activate it on your personal computer. It takes a bit of time. But don’t get panic. I am here to help you. Activating Windows isn’t always a very difficult task. It’s very smooth and will not consume much time.

The method is as simple as taking your selfy. Do you ready for this? Here we go!

Now earlier than shifting to the activating method initially you need to restart your laptop/desktop after installing KMSAuto.

After restarting your system again visits your Windows Defender and Disable Real-Time Protection and Anti-Virus. Otherwise, you’ll be not able to open KMSAuto.

After that, Go to Start Menu and look for the KMSAuto there.

Now tap on the KMSAuto icon and a brand new Window of KMSAuto will appear to your screen.

There you’ll locate many alternatives you just want to click on the Activate Windows button.

Activate Windows

It will take some seconds and you may then see a fulfilment message appear. After that message, close the KMSAuto and Restart your laptop.

Now you just want to right-click on My Computer & click on Properties. There you can see your Windows activation status.

Windows Activation Status

How to Activate Microsoft Office

It is important to note the procedure of the KMSAuto activator to activate your office along with windows. It takes a little attention to follow its instructions efficiently. After activating Microsoft Windows OS now it involves the MS Office.

The office activation technique is nearly the same. There is no rocket science involves here. When you have got activated windows then you just need to restart the computer for Office activation.

In the meanwhile make sure that you have deactivated your Real-Time Protection in Window defender properly. Now for the sake of security apply to double-check rule to insure deactivation of antivirus.

Real Time Protection in Windows Defender

Follow the same procedure again, go to the Start Menu and Search for the KMSAuto windows activator. You may see its emblem there just click on that slightly.

Here you’ll see KMSAuto activator your Screen.

Now you first need to open any made from Office, for example, Word or Excel.

After this don’t decrease the Excel or Word simply allow it to open and then open the KMSAuto there.

Now you may see there’s a button known as Activate Office. Click on that button and you’ll wait for some seconds.

Activate Microsoft Office

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have you studied about KMSAuto, its features, downloading procedure, installation & activation process? Do you still have a few questions regarding the KMSAuto windows activator which you need to ask? Well, don’t be shy.

Feel free to ask. The human mind is so curious and complicated that it does not satisfy with a little description of anything. So the questions are obvious. It will help you locate your misunderstanding and find the right way. KMSAuto has become important for you for your windows activation. Am I right?

 This section is dedicated to those energetic excited minds to come and join us and ask what bothers them. Having any queries? Ok, no worries.

 You must take a look at this FAQ section wherein I have gathered most of the asked questions across the internet.

 I collected these sites from the most well-known question asking platforms together with Q&A’s etc.

Will, it permanently installs my Windows or I have to spark off or activate it again and again after a selected time?

Yes, of course, it will set off your Windows completely and also you don’t necessarily activate it again. You just need it after when you reinstall your Windows operating system.

 Don’t need to do more than this. Is it convenient? I think it does so.

Does the KMSAuto activator damage my windows?

No really. The purpose of the KMSAuto activator is not distressing any user. It will never harm your operating system as it’s far away from the Virus. KMSAuto is additionally Trojans and malware proof. Your computer security is our priority. So, don’t worry!

KMSAuto would not let any virus on your personal computer. Your Windows is safe and secure; you may use KMSAuto without any tension

Is the use of KMSAuto is illegal?

Yes, it’s miles. Technically speaking using pirated software programs or the use of the activator-like KMSAuto to spark off a few software programs is piracy. Instead of this, you can nevertheless use it without any problem. Because it shows your system that it is the original copy. So you are not violating any legality at all.

Where Can I locate the ultra-modern version of KMSAuto?

Well, it’s quite simple and doesn’t need any technical prior know of doing this. All you need to do is you can download the state-of-the-art model of KMSAuto from our website. We use to keep frequent updating the links of KMSAuto whenever we discover any new updates.

 This way you don’t need to worry about the new version of KMSAuto at all. If we found any update we will let you know immediately.

Can I uninstall KMSAuto after activating Windows? Will it deactivate my windows?

Yes certainly, you may uninstall KMSAuto after activating your home windows. It won’t deactivate your windows. You need not be worried. Your home windows are and will remain lively after the uninstallation. Trust me. We would not let your confidence lose in any case.

There is always room for improvement. We believe in thinking out of the box and keep the flour Q&A’s open all the time. These are a few most often requested questions regarding the KMSAuto windows activator that I have accumulated.

You can check your Question here if you are not able to locate your answer. We would cordially welcome your constructive opinions and feedbacks. Don’t hesitate to express your feeling in the comment section which is true for you.

I am 24/7 available here for you to respond to your query and help you instantly. I will be very glad to listen to you.

Best Alternatives

Well, after all, I discussed above KMSAuto in terms of its stunning features and different process including downloading and installation. I am optimistic and hopeful that you preferred the KMSAuto Activator.

 However, though in a few cases, you don’t like to have it for your windows or it fails to carry out the work as you anticipated then you need to move to the options.

I feel that this responsibility lies truly on my shoulders to suggest to you what would be possible alternatives for windows. Although this is a demanding job I would love to do this for you.

As you know that there are many options for KMSAuto available on the internet. However, to search and discover the most suitable and proper alternative is genuinely a hard net to crack.

 Let me tell you it is not a cup of tea. For this, I have accrued some most well-known and pleasant KMSAuto activators options.

These are also 100% and safe to use. You may download and install and try for windows. It is advised you to test them one by one if the single activator doesn’t fulfil your requirements for windows. They are also free of cost and will help you to activate windows properly. Here are my suggestions.


My first suggestion for an alternative activator for windows is KMSPico 11. It comes to my radar as an alternative because this awesome activator never fails and you will never get upset when you are using it.

You might be thinking of this as it would occupy much space on your computer. Let me assure you that its activation based on automatic and works the same as KMSAuto do. It will not get much space than your imagination. Well, its activation method is similar to the famous KMS Server to activate your windows.

It does not need any particular expertise to deal with it. Anyone can understand it within a few seconds.

There are two ways to activate your windows through KMSPico


The first route you can adopt to activate it is auto-activation. You might be surprised to know that but I am not exaggerating things unnecessarily. This activator gives you an option of an automatic activation feature. After installation of KMSPico 11 on your computer you will see there is an Auto KMS logo, just click on that logo. That is what requires from you now. Your windows will automatically be activated.

Manual Activation:

Another way to have KMSPico on your computer is Manual activation. It will help you in choosing which product you want to activate. If you don’t want to activate Office or Windows or maybe you have that product already activated.

Then there is an alternate for you. You can use this method to avoid files from being overwritten. The choice is yours. This is also very useful in most cases.

Besides that, there are still some cons of this activator. Please review the Pros & Cons list below to know more about the activator.


  • It activates all versions of Windows from 8, 8.1 to latest windows 10
  • Also it can activate all the versions of Microsoft Office from old one 2003 to latest 365
  • KMSPico also allows you to activate Windows Server
  • It doesn’t require any internet connection
  • 100% safe & secure
  • Virus & Trojans Proof
  • Very light in size
  • Easy to use


  • No option to Activate Windows 7
  • It asks for administrator permission

Microsoft Toolkit

The second most activator which I want to suggest you is Microsoft Toolkit. It can activate Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Microsoft Toolkit is also known as the EZ activator.

The working mechanism of Microsoft Toolkit is the same as does KMS Server which replaces its original files with the auto-generated files. Microsoft Toolkit is an activator that can work both on processors of 32bit & 64bit respectively.

It’s again up to you whether you want to activate any version of Windows & Office. The best thing about Microsoft Toolkit is that it can support Windows 7as well. It would be your best choice so far if you are still using Windows 7.

It can activate them permanently so you don’t face any problem and keep checking for the activation. In addition to this, it provides you with the original keys which you can use to activate if you don’t want to use the KMS method.

You don’t have to pay any dues because this activator is free and there are no annoying ads. The interesting thing about this activator is that it is beyond the limitation of the internet. Its working mechanism is designed as it is standalone.

Other than that, Microsoft Toolkit doesn’t only help you in activating Windows. It will help you to activate Windows Server as well.

Let’s now check out the Pros & Cons of this alternative:


  • Activates all version of Windows (Including Windows 7)
  • It helps you in activating all version of MS Office
  • Your windows & office will be activated permanently
  • Microsoft Toolkit guarantees you for the Genuine Activation


  • Administrator Privileges are required to run this activator
  • Needs to disable Anti-Virus before installing

Windows Loader

I would suggest Windows Loader which lies on number three on my alternative activator list. It is also known as the Windows 7 loader. The first and foremost feature of windows loader is this alternative can help you in activating all the versions of Windows 7. It is also developed by Team Daz.

Team Daz is well renowned in the realm of software developers for windows operating systems. You may be familiar with the firm if you are an old user of these activators.

Windows Loader is an activator that can be used by adopting two methods. The first one to activate your windows is automatic. The second way to get benefit from the windows loader is by generating custom keys. The choice is yours. Whether you choose automatic or custom keys for windows activation, it’s up to you.

Windows Loader supports Virtual Machines as well. In addition to this, the best thing about windows is that it supports almost all languages. So, if you are using Windows in any other language then Windows Loader is one of the best options for you.

You can reset the trial version when it expires because it has the trial reset feature which helps to do so. It’s very useful when you don’t want to use the third-party activator or you are afraid if your pc gets damaged.

Windows Loader is free of cost and is Ads free tool.

Let’s check out the Pros & Cons of Windows 7 Loader:


  • Automatically Detects Your System Information
  • Activate Windows 7 OS
  • Generate Genuine Keys for Manual Activation
  • Auto Activation Feature
  • Trial Reset Feature
  • Bypass the Genuine Windows Verification
  • Supports Multiple Languages


  • It only activates Microsoft Windows
  • Maybe it contains bugs because it is not updated for a long time

These are some of the best and the most useful Windows Activator. I have checked all these alternatives that are why I am sharing with you. And I am confident about that. By using the above alternative or the KMSAuto you will then be able to activate your windows permanently without paying a penny. Have fun.


This is an introduction to the KMSAuto Activator which helps you to know about it in a brief note. You verify my claim that this activator is the best option and the best activator for windows and office by downloading and installing for windows.

Moreover, if you are not convenient enough to use the KMSAuto activator, I have suggested some most of the best alternatives of the KMSAuto which you must try. These activators are the best in their way.

I have written a detailed list of potential features of KMSAuto above .Have you reviewed the feature list? If not then it is suggested that you must go through the list to understand product description very well. If you are confused about the procedure of installation then no need to worry about it. I have already mentioned the step by step Installation guide above; please have a look at this.

So, you don’t make any mistakes while installing. These are the best ways to activate your Microsoft Products without paying money.

If you liked this article share it with your friends also you can bookmark our website so you get the latest updates. Keep checking our website once a month to get the latest and new activators.


KMSAuto Net is a free tool that is used to activate Microsoft Products such as Windows and Office. This tool supports the activation of Windows 8, 8.1 & 10. It also supports Microsoft Office 365, 2016, 2013 & later.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Activator