KMSpico Download Final Activator For Windows & Office 2020

Gist of KMSpico

If you are looking for something that is helpful to activate both Microsoft Windows and Office then the right product is KMSpico. It will help you to overcome the sustainable problem of activating official files without any due charges. It is an activator of regulating Windows files which are required to function Microsoft windows and office smoothly. In addition to this, it will provide you to get complete access to Windows. And perform all the necessary functions of Microsoft Windows and office without paying even a single penny.

One of the key features of KMSpico is that it provides you original files for activating Microsoft windows and office. Moreover, providing genuine file is associated with complete safety of you Microsoft windows and office. This signifies that this is an activator of virus-free and user friendly which has been tested and approved by Virus Total. It has been designed and developed by one of the finest software companies known as Team Daz; famous for making such products.

Provide background by giving info about KMSpico.

KMspico is an activator that allows Microsoft windows and office files to run its functions smoothly. Its main function is to provide its user access to the complete range of Microsoft Windows and office features and functions which was quite expensive and time-consuming ever before. Initially, it allows us to use this activator on 30 days as a trial version but later on, the customer has bought its licensed file for further use.

It is out of the question to enjoy complete access to Microsoft windows and office without having a license. For instance, the user will not be able to use prominent functions of Microsoft windows such as changing themes, desktop layout and would not receive any update from Microsoft windows as well.  This is mandatory for Microsoft windows to keep update its users for upcoming features and necessary changes which require to function windows without any harm and kept the security foolproof.

It will be difficult for any user to keep its computer virus-free without being protected by service providers. That directs users to keep themselves under the shelter of a free licensed service provider like Linux or need to buy the licensed one. Still, if you want to continue your journey of Microsoft windows but you do not have much to spend on buying its license than KMSpico would be the best option to avail for the continuation of your journey.

KMSpico will help you to enjoy Microsoft windows features by activating it genuinely as it is compatible to do so. Well, it’s time to use all the features of Microsoft Windows and office, not only this, you will have updating notifications on a regular basis.

How KMSpico Works

How KMSpico Works

Before going to say something about how KMSPico activator works perfectly, the core thing is to have a sound understanding of how the word KMSpico has been extracted from. So here is the background orientation of the KMSpico windows activator. They have been inspired and extracted from techno giant, Microsoft when they set up their “Key Management Server” due to control of its connection with the customers as it’s a conglomerate in the field of technology having a range of products related to every walk of life.

The problem that Microsoft windows and office users were facing is to get “Microsoft windows license” which was time-consuming and expensive in terms of money. That criteria forced Microsoft windows users to arrange a meeting with the owner, Bill Gates, on short notice. The agenda of the meeting was to address their issue of having a license and to formulate any policy to facilitate its user’s windows features friendly in the future. Other than that, Microsoft windows users wanted to get rid of purchasing windows licenses all the time. In response to this, Microsoft has established its Key Management Server to facilitate windows users.

The main function of KMS is to connect each unit of Microsoft windows with one another so as to activate windows automatically through the server by default whenever windows get to install a new copy. Similarly, KMSpico works on the same mechanism to generate coded files of windows and makes sense that it’s also an integral part of the KMS server. In this way, you are not violating any cyber law by using fake windows files but actually you are using legal windows.

KMSPico Information Table:

Size3.04 MB
RequiresNet Framework
DeveloperOfficial KMSPico
Downloads2 Million+
Rating5 Star
Updated On1 day ago

Feature of KMSpico

Feature of KMSpico

That was about KMSpico’s brief introduction and how the idea came into being now it’s time to discuss its functions in detail. Let’s have a stunning look.

Activate Windows

The most featuring function of KMSpico is to run Microsoft Windows and office smoothly. By using KMSpico the users can have experience of complete functions of windows which were considered to be far away from reality before introducing KMSpico. This will not work as some sort of hidden thing happing behind the scene that is totally against the privacy of Microsoft windows. But the fact is it operates within the domain of Microsoft windows key management server which apparently seems guanine actually.

Activate Windows Server

There are several other activators claiming to operate Microsoft windows and office but none of them is competent enough to use Windows-based Server. This makes KMSpico different from the rest of the activator. As it is the only one who can generate Microsoft windows files so far.

No Fraud Detection

So many features have been discussed above about KMspico. Yet, it is time to share that KMSpoci will make sure foolproof security of your system with letting Microsoft Windows know that the user is using their server without having an original license. How does this happen? Well, the reason is KMSpico generates windows files that look similar to the original one. So in this game of camouflage, the user will be on the winning side confidently without giving any sign of abnormality in the Microsoft windows system.

Life Time Activation

Will my license be expired after spending some time? Well, the good news is No! Strange isn’t it? Yes indeed it’s true is because KMSpico is offering you a lifetime activation. You might be surprised to know that it will remain with you as long as your computer is working properly. What if you want to update your computer? Well, then all you need to do is to reactivate it once again and enjoy the brand new features of Microsoft windows and office. Here you might think that what if its reinstall automatically? The possible answer is it will happen not at least in this world because a little effort needs to be done by yourself (bad jock).

100% Free

There is no free lunch in this world, right? That doesn’t actually because what we are offering is 100% free altogether. If you find someone is selling this item on any website than we are letting you warn that keep aloof from those thugs, they are nothing but cheaters. The current product is designed and developed by TeamDaz who has never intended to sell this product and will not someone to do so without due permission through any platform; conventional or unconventional. This is to inform you that if you find some sort of selling this product you are advised to contact the developers of this product so that they can pursue legal action accordingly.

No Advertisement

One of the mind-blowing features of KMSpiko that loved most of its users in the past is it’s free even it is not associated with any sort of advertisements tactics or mode of promotions. It is certain that so many windows activation tools are available on the internet which does take help from advertisements for the sake of promotions. But this does not apply to KMSpico. Most of the users find that it is weird to see ads while installing an activator. Even after the installation, the ads appear on the screen unnecessarily. This makes irritation, isn’t it? That is why what is the most laudable aspect of KMSpico.

N-Bit Support

How does it sound if you are using the product which supports windows multiple bits? Sound perfect! Isn’t it? This is what KMSpico is compatible with. Suppose your system is operating on a 32-bit supported processor or 64-bit supported processor then guess what? Here is good news for you. You do not have to download and install two separate files dealing with each processor, no need to do this because Windows 10 activator will solve your problems.

Vires Free Windows Activator

Have you experienced before any website offering KMSpico incorporated with a virus, haven’t you? Well, get ready for a brand new experience. This site will offer you a safe zone where you can download KMSpico safe and sound totally virus free. We have made some arrangements to make sure that you are downloading virus free windows supporting files that could cause your computer any harm. So it is to suggest you that download without a single thought of worry of virus and malware files. Do the right thing done now.

Auto Detection of System Windows

Which windows you are using right now? You might have already experienced such a question before going to install the activator. Well, I certainly did whenever I want to install the activator. Well, the scenario is entirely different when it comes to KMSpico because it is comfortably compatible with any windows.  All you need to do is to open the latest version of KMSpico and leave rest on it, window detection and check compatibility are core responsibilities of KMSpico. Now it’s time to save your time and enjoy the unlimited features of windows.

Multiple Language Support

If you belong to someone whose native language is not English or English is an alien language to someone then don’t worry your problem is solved now. KMSpico is having a distinctive function of compatible with windows default language whether you want to listen Persian or Urdu it’s time to stay connected to your language. This is a built-in option of KMSpico to detect machines’ default language and function accordingly. What if you want to change the language? No problem at all. You can change your language preferences at any time.

Full Standalone

If this term stands alien to you then let me tell you its meaning first so that you would have a sound understanding of it. It will be on working even if you are not connected to the internet. Sound Great! So you just need to activate it once and do your office work and visit someplace away from your home. It will keep working round the clock.

No Professional Skills Required

In the world we are living in a skill plays an important role to excel in professional life. But what if somethings will be done without having any professional skills? How does it sound? Strange! So get ready to use KMSpico even if you are not skilled, it’s undoubtedly so easy to operate anyone. It is free of complicated instructions and weird buttons that make bother while operating. Free from any complications, having a stunning outlook and layout with eye-catching themes. So it’s so convenient to use.

Pros & Cons of KMSpico

Pros and cons of kmspico

I will further write about step by step guide of how to install and activate windows with the help KMSpico.


  • It’s absolutely free. No Need to pay event a single penny
  • Thoroughly secured and fully protected
  • Standalone completely
  • Free activation of office 365
  • Multi-lingual supported
  • Users friendly
  • Elegant but simple UI
  • Offers lifetime activation
  • No scammed at all


  • Will not be able to save backup files
  • Can be trace by antivirus ( users need to disable virus before going to install)

These are the pros and cons of KMSpico which I have experienced so far. But as I truly believe that there is always room for improvement. So, having an optimistic point of view in mind, I would gladly accept your valuable suggestions. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts regarding any inconvenience while operating KMSpico in Microsoft windows. You may leave your constructive opinion in the comment section.

Supported Microsoft Windows Products

Read the following list to have a better understanding of the compatibility of the product if you are a new user of KMSpico, here we go;

  1. Microsoft Windows 10 and It’s all other Builds
  2.  Windows 8 and all Builds (Microsoft)
  3. Microsoft Windows 8.1 and builds
  4. Office Suite 2007
  5. 2010 Office (Microsoft)
  6. 2013Office
  7. 2016 Office  (Microsoft)
  8. Suite 365 Office
  9.  Windows Server 2012 R2
  10. Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Prerequisites of KMSpico

It is necessary to know about basic criteria before installing KMSpico in your system. Here is a checklist that users need to know before using KMSpico for windows. You would not be able to install KMSpico in your computer’s windows if somehow your system is not up to the required criterion. Read the following;

DeveloperOfficial KMSpico
Operating SystemWindows
UpdatedPlease mention the time accordingly

How to download KMpico

You might be well aware of the product knowledge till now, don’t you? It’s time to do some practical things that will facilitate you to enjoy complete features of Microsoft Windows and office in your PC.  I want you to stay with me because adventure time just begins now. As you know that “Time” is money and no one wants to lose this precious thing. Consequently, let’s get things done practically. The first thing that you need to do is to ‘click’ download icon immediately which is given below. Your downloading will start instantly. After doing this, the next thing that you need to do is to select the location of the file on your PC. It is up to you whether you want to stay connected on the internet or just disconnect. It has nothing to do with the installation of an activator at all.

How to install KMSpico

The wait is over. You are just one step away from your destiny to use windows stunning features. Are you ready? OK, then the first thing that you should do is to disable antivirus in your computer because it will create disturbance by recognizing it as a virus in windows. Consequently, it will stop the process. Make sure you have taken precautionary measures before initializing the installation process. In case you are using windows defender.

disable your antivirus

then it is to inform you that please turn off, stop real-time protection for a while. So as it would not affect the installation process. Once you installed KMSpico in your PC you can reactivate both the antivirus and windows defender.

After completion of installation try to unzip your file appears on your desktop. If it cautions you to type in the password then don’t panic! I am here to make your life out of trouble. The password is 12345 enters it and enters the horizon of KMSpico. Here you will be given two options likely as;

  1. KMSpico Portable
  2. KMSpico.exe

If you are afraid of viruses that will destroy your system in the blink of an eye than it is suggested you go for a portable version of KMSpico. Its working mechanism is entirely different and does not need to install in your PC. So how will you install it? Do not need to be worry all you need is to double click on it and boom… here we go. KMSpico will activate your windows on its own. Enjoy.

As for as KMSpico.exe is concerned its mechanism requires installation on your computer. So you have to double click it and hold your breath for a while. It will take a few seconds to initiate it’s working. You will notice that installation windows appear in front of you along with step by step guide to complete the installation process in your computer.

How To Install KMspico

It seems you did as instructed you to do and successfully install KMSpico.exe in your computer’s windows.

Installing Kmspico

Well, you are almost there. It’s time to activate Microsoft windows and office but how? Read the following instructions carefully;

How to Activate Windows Using Any KMS Tool

After successfully installing KMSpico in your PC reboot your system for a while. After that, at Start Menu, you will find the KMSpico icon. If, in case, there would be any difficulty in finding the desired icon then use the search bar for it.

When you open it, you will notice a new windows pop-up with the windows logo and Red button.

Click On Red Button in KMSpico

It will take a few seconds to initiate its working. When you press the red button and windows background will turn green. See, there you go…

You just rocked. Congratulations to activating your windows successfully.

KMSpico is Complete

One slight thing still needs your attention right now. Reboot your system again. After that, click on My Computer button and open properties. Here you notice ‘Windows is activated now’. The way you just install and activate your windows is as simple as remembering two plus two is four. Let’s take one step ahead to activate office which is to some extent different from activation windows. Have a glimpse of the procedure below.

How to Activate Microsoft Office Suite

The first condition of activating Microsoft Windows’s office is to disconnect antivirus for a moment until you complete due activation. After that, press Start Button and open KMSpico either from here or with the help of the search bar. You will observe the KMSpico activation windows.

How to Activate Microsoft Office Suite

Don’t rush to press any button hastily. Here you may be confused about which office product you should focus on first. Be relax and open any of the products of an office like word, excel and any other it’s totally up to you to decide. You will see the Microsoft logo appear on the windows activation of KMSpico.

If you still have any trouble seeing the logo then shut down KMSpico and reopen it again but keep in mind that don’t close the office. After a while, you will notice that the office logo appears and it will detect the version of the office operating in your system at that time.

No need to go for additional endeavor just click the red button that you did it before at the time of windows activation. Similar things happen here, you will listen to voice notifying you process completion and background of the window will turn green automatically along with Office logo suite.

Many congrats again, you just activated office in your pc successfully. Do not hesitate to let me know if you are stuck in the inactivation process I’ll be glad to help you. It is to notify you that reboot your computer when it gets to start again open MS word and click on ‘files’ where you will find Account Menu on the down left side. When you open that Manu you will be able to know the current status of office activation or still pending. If you think that your office is not activated yet then you should follow the same procedure again that you just did before. You will have a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have you read about KMSPico? If yes then, cool. But still, feeling unsatisfied? Ok, No worries. This portion of the site has designed to gather your queries and problems while you are reading about KMSPico and provide solutions accordingly. That is why we call it FAQ.

If you want to resolve your problems immediately then it is suggested that you read this section carefully. You might be facing some problems that everyone does so. It will help you to get what you are looking for.

Moreover, if you feel that there is much to ask then feel free to leave a comment on the comment section. I will incorporate it in the FAQ’s section later on for the convenience of new readers.

Here is the first query;

Is there any security threat by installing KMSPico on my computer?

Absolutely No. The reason is it has nothing to do with your personal files/data. In addition to this, it had never even asked any customer of permission to have access to personal data. So. KMSPico is giving you one hundred and ten percent guaranteed products that will never harm your personal security in any case. On the other hand, your computer’s windows will be protected by viruses, malware content and Trojan files.
In there any possibility that allows me to uninstall KMSPico after activating my Windows and Office?

Certainly. You do not hesitate to do so. Especially after the activation of your Windows and Office. Technically, it would not stop or deactivate it. You do not need to be worried about the deactivation. Furthermore, if you are confused about uninstalling KMSPico from your system, then read the instructions carefully again which I have already given above in detail. You will have all the information which requires to uninstall KMSPico permanently.
Where should I find a log file? If someone wants to see them?

Well, it’s simple to locate log files on your computer. You may find them in C dives. For further understanding, you need to open My Computer, go to the Local Disk (C). You may be confused about the exact file. Because finding exact file among others is time taking and difficult task. Do not get panic.

Open File Programs, scroll it down a little bit, search for the KMSPico folder, and click on it. Bingo! You have successfully found Log Files. You will also have Logs of KMSPico activation. Enjoy!

 Is there any possibility that my Windows will be flagged after using KMSPico Activator?

These things have been disseminated on the basis of disinformation. The reality is  I never get flagged from Microsoft due to the installation of KMSPico in my computer’s windows. The thing is it is basically a KMS Server tool which is one of the pertinent programs of Microsoft. Rest assured that you are not violating the rules of Microsoft windows. Do not think over it that you are using KMSPico illegally.
Is it illegal to use KMSPico?

Indeed, it does. Technically speaking using an activator that gives you permission to use Microsoft Windows would be considered totally illegal and violation. Why is that so? Because it activates Windows which is paid all over the world. Using such activators are actually piracy that is illegal without any doubt. You may use it somehow because it’s been practicing all around the world approximately 1/10 percent. Feel Free to use!


KMspico is the product that gives lifetime opportunity for its use, easy to access and friendly to operate. Above all, it’s totally free of cast you do not have to pay anything but attention. In nutshell, the uniqueness and novelty of this product prove it as a gift by its developers Team Daz.

It is obvious to have a competitor just like other products do have in the market. For instance, KMAuto Net, Microsoft Toolkit and windows loader and among those potential competitors that are offering somehow the same facilities to its users. However, when it comes to reliability and performance of the product, I would definitely go for KMSpico because of its reliable, virus protected and easy to use.

If you are not satisfied with the performance and features of this KMSPico. No problem at all. You may experience other windows activator-like Windows Loader highly recommended for windows 7 users. It is known as Windows 7 loader.

Last but not least, it is my humble request to share my thoughts with those who might be looking for reasonable information regarding this mind-blowing activator.

In addition to this, do not miss to bookmark my website and turn on notification so as I will able to notify you about the upcoming features, updates, downloading links and many more.


KMSPicoKMSPico is a world-renowned windows activator. It’s an old tool that has been designed for Windows & Office activation. Interestingly, it is a free activator. Team Daz has developed and designed KMSPico after long hours of working.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Activator