WhatsApp Plus

Name WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp Plus is the most famous version in the WhatsApp Plus series of publisher Rafalete
Genre MOD Apk
Size 43.1 MB
Version v18.10 & V13.50
Update -
Android Android MOD Apk
( 174 ratings )
Price: $0
whatsapp plus
whatsapp plus

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp. It can be used as an app to send text messages and videos, pictures or documents with your friends on the go! The latest update allows you fully customize how things work in this messaging platform by downloading it from any third-party websites

whatsapp plus
whatsapp plus

Top Features of WhatsApp Plus


WhatsApp Plus Antiban comes with a feature that helps you keep your WhatsApp account safe and secure. If you’ve tried any of the best mods for WhatsApp, then it’s no doubt seen those pesky restrictions wreak havoc on what should be an open social media platform!

whatsapp plus
whatsapp plus

Brought to life by Android users everywhere who wanted more flexibility when customizing their phone experience as well as iOS developers seeking opportunities in this emerging market niche—the popularity has been such that we now offer plus-sized versions specifically tailored towards iPhones – something unheard until now due largely because Apple had never allowed third party apps since its inception back around 2003

Hiding options

The disappearing features of WhatsApp Plus make it the perfect app for those looking to maintain their privacy. You can now hide your online status, blue ticks and profile pictures from certain contacts or groups! There are even second tick options that will only show up when somebody messages you back; making sure no one knows what’s going on in between messages (unless they’re also using this feature). And if all these disappearances aren’t enough–you don’t need an option called Last Seen because every contact has his/her own unique timestamp showing how much time was spent offline since last seeing.”

Theme support

With the wide variety of themes, your app will not only look good but also keep you up-to date with all recent updates. With more than 700+ themes, you’re sure to find one that suits any taste or style! All the different styles are organized into different categories like cool and futuristic for those looking to make their device stand out in a crowd – we’ve got them all here from minimalistic designs with only black text on white backgrounds as well as bright colours found at parties across town…or maybe something simple like red: hot-bodied cars might need it after all.

Wide Calling Options

This app’s developer has really embraced the future of communications with its wide calling option. Not only can you video call, voice chat or group text but also add up to eight other people for an even more immersive experience!

Advanced file sharing option

The original WhatsApp only allowed files up to 16MB, but in this app users can send and receive large video or audio clips with ease. This is great for people who like sending big things that take up space on your phone!

Fonts and Styles

Every user should be able to find the perfect font for their individual needs. This app has amazing fonts, styles and shapes that will fit every preference!

The variety in this application is staggering; You can change everything from size down right through how it looks like with colour or shape–it’s all there within reach at your fingertips so finding just what you want becomes easier than ever before.

Auto-Reply Messages

This function is only available in the WhatsApp Business account. This app has different features than other mods of WhatsApp because it allows you to send automatic reply messages, which means that these special types of messages will pop up on your recipient’s screen and read them for him or her without any input from either party unless he/she clicks “Reply.”


Clear your phone! No longer will you have to spend hours sorting through these unwanted files and memes. Just one click can get rid of them all so storage is more accessible for other apps on the device or photos from events such as birthdays, family gatherings etc. Clear everything in a few seconds with this quick process that’s both easy-to-use while also being responsible towards today’s generation who are using their smartphones less due increased accessibility via technology like tablets but still require some form mobile texting.


WhatsApp Plus comes with a lot of optimizations. You can customize your chat screen, and you could change the colour or layout in order to match whatever style you prefer! It’s easy enough for anyone who has access to install themes from other users like yourself- all it takes is clicking one button and you are good to go!

More Additional Features

whatsapp plus
whatsapp plus
  • There is an Anti ban System provided
  • You can change the launcher iconaccording to your preferences
  • Has a quick share function to avoid wastage of time
  • Receive notification if there is a new update version so you will stay up to dated
  • Hide online status, blue marks and profile photo to keep your privacy 
  • This app also provides the feature of hidingbrand writing and second brand
  • It hides the last option seen for each contact
  • You can also hide the viewing status of contacts if you want
  • This mod provides you Immobilize voice calls
  • Copy and paste status by one click
  • Share videos without size limits
  • Customize your interface as you like it to be
  • Automatic message reply so the receiver will get the updates instantly
  • Now you can share location with just one click
  • You can change the date size and colour of the status icon
  • There is an option to change the colour of the Bluetick
  • It enables you to use custom wallpaper
  • Changing the chat background is as easy as a piece of cake
  • You can change the style of chat bubbles

New Version Features

whatsapp plus
whatsapp plus
  • All the bugs found in the previous version isfixed.
  • The new additions to the emoji, settings design and launcher icon are all in line with what you would expect them be. The changelog has been updated as well so that users know about any changes made since their last update.
  • The app now has the option of translating in more than four languages! Technical translations are available for Hindi, Spanish (Español), Italy/Italian Portuguese. This means that you can get your messages across no matter what language they’re written in or spoken to; even if someone doesn’t know anything about how this work, we’ll do our best at making sure there isn’t any confusion on their end when reading through our posts.

How To Download & Install WhatsApp Plus?

whatsapp plus
whatsapp plus

This application is not available on Play Store therefor you need to download it from a third-party website. But you need not to worry at all, I am going to tell you the process through you can easily download it without any issue. There are a few simple steps which are as follow:

  • To successfully install the app, you need to firstly go to your phone settings and from there you have to enable the option of “Unknown Sources.”
  • Now simply go to your mobile’s web browser and open the website download page and find the download button there.
  • Click on the download button and the downloading will start instantly.
  • Wait for the downloading to get complete, it may take some time to finish download depends upon your internet speed.
  • After the download is complete, click Open on the Android system notification or go to your mobile’s download directory and click on the APK file to install it.
  • Wait for the installation to get completed 
  • As soon as the installation is complete, you can open the app by clicking on its icon from the main menu.
  • When you open the app, there comes a notification that will ask you to allow WhatsApp Plus access to your media content in addition to permission.
  • Simply click on the Agree and Continue button.
  • At this step, you need to put your phone number and press continue.
  • You will receive an otp code for verification purpose. As soon as the verification completes, your app’s home screen will open and there you can see the chats tab and contacts tab and call history tab as well!


What is WhatsApp Plus?

The new WhatsApp Mod WhatsApp Plus is the most awaited messaging application of this year. It has all advanced features to provide an unparalleled experience for users and developers alike!

IS WhatsApp Plus Safe To Use?

Yes, it’s safe for use on an Android device. Actually, this modified version of WhatsApp has some extra features that make using the application even better than before!

What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

While the original WhatsApp app is more basic and simpler, it has been completely redone with features that cannot be found on this modified version. While the original WhatsApp app is more basic and simpler, it has been completely redone with features that cannot be found on the original version.

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