Windows 10 Activator Download For 32-64 Bit 2020

You may be searching for windows 10 activator? If it’s true then let me tell one thing you are few steps away from your destiny.

Having an incensed widow is a blessing nowadays. If I will tell you how do you have this blessing, will you give me extra credit for it?

Ok, it does not matter. But the growing concern is how to activate Microsoft window 10 free of cost? Am I right? Don’t worry.

I will tell how to grab this opportunity without paying any dues.  Fasten your seat belt we are about to take off our unforgettable flight.

When I say you will have windows 10 free of cost, some may be intrigued. Is that practically possible? So the simple answer is yes it does.

All you need to do is to stay with me for a while. It wouldn’t take much time. It’s my gentle promise. So let’s get started on our journey.

In our digital world, you may come across many tools on internets which offer you to be the best at their performances and would not cost you more money.

But technically, they are employing advertisement tactics to grab your attention by making impractical claims.

They aim to deceive you not to facilitate you in general. Other than that it can give you a free lifetime opportunity to activate windows 10 free of cost. They are real plunder.

I would like to share my experience of searching for genuine tools for my windows 10. I started to search online and spent more than 4 hours doing nothing but wasting my time. I failed to find a useful tool to activate windows 10.

Finally, my consistent searching paid off and I got the best tool that works awesome. I know you may strange to know that but ‘seeing is believing’ you know.

From that moment I decided to share my thoughts concerning the working tools here with you.

The core idea behind doing this is to keep you on a track that would help you to save your time and energy enormously. I don’t want to go through the same time-consuming process which gives you nothing in the end.

So, keep reading the article will help you to learn each tool and I also write for you the pros and cons of all these applications.

In a net shell, it is suggested that to be facilitated by the end of this writing you need to stay with me and continue reading. Moreover, for your convenience, I have presented the pro and cons of all these applications in detail. Have fun! 

Why Use Windows 10 Activator

Why Use Windows 10 Activator

You know the credibility of the Microsoft windows around the globe. And there is no doubt about that. It’s admired by the world community immensely. The reason is a Microsoft window is so easy to use and its interface is also a friendly user. These astonishing features are the ultimate source of the windows user’s fascination and their infinite love. Given that, users tend towards windows as an operating system rather than Mac OS and Linux, etc.

Well, every facility comes with certain restrictions. It is truly applicable in terms of windows operating system. It is not free for all like its counterparts. It’s an open secret you will have to pay for it if you want to have complete access to windows.

You can only have 30 days of access to windows as a trial version. Once the trial version ends, it will get started to ask you to purchase a product key.

In case you do not pay attention to the message by windows, it will start sending you to notice. The watermark will appear on your screen as ‘Activate Windows’.

There is more that you need to know what happens next if you don’t have windows keys. There are more restrictions and you would not be allowed to even use some features like changing wallpaper, getting an update and irritating watermark will add fuel to the fire and the list goes on and on.

The whole scenario pushes users to search for some exciting tools that could rescue them once and for all. Also, the user is conscious of a huge sum that they have to pay for getting windows license so they usually prefer windows 10 activator that can facilitate them at low cost.

Now the tools which I will tell you are working 100% and will provide permanent activation. After using one of the activators you will get genuine activation and it will remain unless you install fresh Windows.

But the wait is over now. I am going to introduce you to an exciting mind-blowing tool that will work beyond your imaginations. It’s a guaranteed assurance.

You will have unlimited activation using these tools. They will be standstill unless you install a fresh window on your computer. So, it’s a win-win situation. Isn’t it?

Windows 10 Activator

Windows 10 Activator

First of all, I want to draw your attention to the ongoing trends in the realm of windows activation tools. It is my first-hand experience and that is why I mention here the popularity of KMSPico on the internal.

 It is indeed a new tool that just came and conquered the heart of windows users within no time. TeamDaz is developed this tool which contributed a lot in the field of these activators.

You may be aware of the reputation of TeamDaz if you are an older user of these activators tools. TeamDaz has made many activators for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

But after many changes in Windows 10 people were worrying that they won’t get full version without paying money. Now thanks to this team we get this amazing KMSPico tool and now we are using it to get genuine activation of Windows 10.

It is a well-established fact that a new modification in windows comes with concerns for those who cannot buy its original key. The users were worried and trying to find any tool which can unlock the windows 10 free of cost.

Deep gratitude offers to the team who came up with this stunning KMSPico toll. Now, it’s time to take sighs of satisfaction. KMSPico is giving you lifetime opportunity to use windows 10 with genuine activation. The best part of it is you do not need to pay anything else. Yes! It’s free.

This tool works on the principle introduced by Microsoft itself which is the Key Management Server in short KMS.

Let me tell you how to do this tool works actually. Its working mechanism is similar to the Microsoft Key Management System (KMS). The background of this is big companies were facing difficulty when they had to activate each part of the windows separately.

This was a time taking process and the business community was tired of it at that time.

Then, Bill Gates; owner of Microsoft, instructed his team to set up KMS server technology to facilitate big companies. KMS technology helped to organized all the computers and linked them to the one server.

Besides that, the KMS server holds product keys not only for windows but Office as well. The benefit of this move is that whenever they install windows and being connected to the server, their windows would be activated automatically.

KMSpico works on the same principle as does the KMS server. It connects the user with the server that contains product keys. Here is the turning point. The keys kept updating at different intervals of time.

In this way, the users need to connect to the internet after every 180 days cycle. KMSPico would not be able to update if you forget to connect it with the internet after the required time.


Windows 10 Activator Features

I am telling you more about the window 10 activators in detail. The more you know about this activator, the better you will have an understanding of this tool. So take a look at a list of major features of this Windows 10 activator. I cannot spell out all the features of windows 10 activator due to limited time and space. But I will try my best to let you know how exciting Windows 10 activator is for you. Moreover, I will touch those features of windows 10 activator which would be very informative and you never heard those before. Rest of the features you will come across by using windows 10 activator. The only condition is just going through the activator precisely. Here we go!

Supports All Editions

The first concern you might have is to know about the working capacity of windows 10 activator. Allow me to tell you this thrilling window 10 activator is thoroughly able to support all the editions of windows at the same time.

This would not discriminate between the windows editions. No matter if you have Professional, Education, Home, or other edition; windows 10 activator will work on the same pattern. You can unlock all the editions of the window with the help of this activator.

N-Bit Supports

Well, first of all, you need to understand what does this means. N-Bit suggested that it can support both the architecture of windows. If you are using 32 bit or 62 bit, window 10 activators can be used for both Bits.

Besides that, it will help you to save your hard disk space as I would not take much space. Also, windows 10 activator will help you to get rid of installing two separate tools for your computer. 

Supports Office Activation

Some of you might be interested to activate Microsoft Office but are struggling to find a suitable tool yet. Take a deep breath. I will proudly say that this tool can activate almost all versions of Microsoft Office professionally.

 I have already experienced it before telling you about this. Windows 10 activator worked beyond my expectations. I suggest you try this tool for Office as well.

No Ads

I get frustrated when in the middle of something ads appear on the computer screen. Surely It does irritate you as well. Especially, when you spend a lot of time searching a suitable tool for your windows and find nothing but a bunch of annoying pop-up ads.

Such a tiresome moment it is. I can feel that.

Currently, this problem is being solved. Windows 10 activator wouldn’t bother you to see ads anymore. It does not contain unnecessary ads. Sounds provoking! Isn’t it. I recommend you to try Windows 10 activator without any delay.

No Virus

Is it securing enough to try on my computer? That was the first question that came to my mind before I tried to install windows 10 activator on my computer. You might have some concerns as I had in my mind.

But you know what; there is ongoing propaganda on the internet regarding window 10 activator. All of them are nothing but silly rumors which have nothing to do with a practical approach. 

Windows 10 activator has been testified and insured fully virus protection for its users. These are marketing tactics to spread misinformation to keep users distracted from the right tool.

My personal experience is entirely different and I found windows 10 activator quite useful and virus free. I have been using this activator from 2017 and couldn’t find any virus or malware content in it.

Personal experience gives you confidence and able you to distinguish between rumors and reality.

So my experience says that windows 10 activator is safe to install on your computer. It is free of any virus and malware content that can potentially harm your data.

Free of Cost

Everything is this world has a cost. You know it very well. But what if something precious is being given you free of cost? Surprised! You must be.

The fact is window 10 activator is free for all of you. Yes! I am dam serious. Windows 10 activator does not require any subscriptions and downloading charges.

Interestingly, you can use it on as many computers as you wish to without any issue. So what are you waiting for! Grab the opportunity.

Offline Activation

You may be out of the internet. And it is your right to ask will this tool work without an internet connection? One of the relaxations that a window 10 activator is giving you is that if you don’t have internet access it wouldn’t bother at all. It still works.

Yes! Indeed, it can work without any internet connections.

But remember as I said above this you have to connect at least once in 180 days to keep the Windows activated. If you don’t do this you may lose activation and again have to follow these same steps.

The only thing that you need to do is after every 180 days you have to connect it with the internet to keep the internet activated. That it!

I am sure you wouldn’t forget your responsibility. If, in any case, you forget to connect it with the internet after the required time, you may lose windows activation.

Consequently, you have to follow the same installation process again.

Genuine License

So many online tools are claiming that they can give you real access to the windows along with a genuine license.

Well, this is what I experienced several times during internet surfing.

When I tried to install one of those tools for having windows genuine license, Microsoft banned my license and unable me to use windows 10 anymore.

Oh, what a terrible experience it was!

Then I tried KMSPico and I was surprised to learn that it genuinely works. Finally, I got a 100% genuine license.

Download Windows 10 Activator 2020

It senses me that you know very well so far how awesome this tool is. And you are desperately waiting to download the KMSPico activator right now. Are you ready? I am sure you are. Honestly, it is so easy to download the KMSPico activator from our website. The prominent reason is we are deceiving you by using in-link, pop-up-under advertisements, etc. I am here to facilitate you throughout the downloading process of windows 10 activator peacefully.

So before too long let’s get into it.

Certain things need to be done on priority. So first step that you need to do is click on the download button which is located under this writing and that button will redirect to our download page.

Here on this page, you can see more information about a product. Then see another button below this description. Click on it politely. And at this time you will see Mega.NZ website.

Have you seen? Ok cool. Let’s proceed further.

Here you will see two options. One is Import To (Mega Icon). Another one is Download In Browser. If you have Mega Cloud account just import it there to download later or to save permanently in your account. Otherwise, simply click on Download In Browser and the file will start downloading there.

Download Windows 10 Activator

You are doing a tremendous job. Keep going on. When the file downloads complete it will be added in Browser’s download menu and it can be accessed by going to User > Downloads.

See the name of the file there? That’s it you have now successfully downloaded KMSPico in your computer. Now let’s move to another guide in which I will show you the proper way to install it.

How to Install Windows 10 Activator

So far so good for now but there are other things that you need to do yet. After downloading the file here is the guide whom you can follow to properly install it on your machine. Don’t miss any steps otherwise you may damage any personal file. Read all steps twice to avoid making mistakes. Trust me you are almost there. Just a few steps you need to take more.


Before we proceed to the installation guide it is recommended to Disable Windows Defender otherwise it will delete the file.

Here is how you can disable it:

Open Start Menu and search for Defender in search Box and open Windows Defender Security Centre.

Now go to Virus & Threat Protection and then open Virus & Threat Protection Settings.

From here disable Real-Time Protection and click Yes if it asks.

Disable Real Time Protection 1

Disable Real-Time Protection

If you are using any third-party Antivirus then disable it as well.

A new folder will be created with the name of the Zip file you download. Open that folder and right-click on KMSPico.exe and click Run as Administrator.

Windows 10 Activator Run as Administrator


It will ask for confirmation so hit Yes and the program will launch an installer window.

Installing windows 10 activator

Installing windows 10 activator

Just follow all the steps you see there and within a few seconds, it will be installed on your system.

Installing done


When installation complete it doesn’t show up on Desktop but instead, you can see it by going to Start Menu and check the Recently Added list.

This means the activator is successfully installed on your machine now it’s time to check how you can use it to activate Windows 10. Below is the complete guide which you should follow.

Activate Windows 10 Using KMSPico

Here is the complete step by step guide to activating Windows 10 by using the KMSPico activator. Don’t miss any step or you may damage some personal files.

Step 1: After installing KMSPico restart your computer and then follow the above steps to disable Windows Defender.

Install KMSPico Windows 10 Activator

Install KMSPico Windows 10 Activator

Step 2: Open Start Menu and from Recently Added apps right-click on KMSPico (or you can search KMSPico if you can’t see in Recently Added Apps section).

Step 3: Click on Run as Administrator and click on Yes if you see a dialogue box asking for confirmation.

Step 4: A new window will appear with some options and a Red button.

Step 5: Don’t touch anything just click on that Red button and wait for some time. After a few seconds, you will hear notification saying “Affirmative” & then “Program Complete“.

Click On Red Button in KMSpico

Active windows Using KMspico Activator

When hearing that notification you will also notice a green background in Windows 10 logo. If you saw that means you have successfully activated Windows. Many congratulations on the successful activation of windows.

windows 10 is activated now

Your Windows 10 is activated now.

One thing is remaining now. Restart your computer and then right-click on My Computer and open Properties. Scroll down to the Windows activation section and you will notice “Your Windows is Activated” written there. Got it? I am sure you do.


Here are some reasonable suggestions in case you want to try an alternative tool even though the KMSPico activator is the best tool in terms of its performance. These are my honest suggestions that I am giving you after done rigorous research on the internet.

Find a list of some best alternatives to KMSPico which works almost the same as this below. The choice is yours. I don’t want to force you. But choose any of the alternatives below wisely and let me know in the comment section why you tried. Through your shared experience others will be able to learn from you about an alternative tool. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. I hope you wouldn’t. It’s time to check out these best alternatives to KMSPico:

KMSAuto Net

My first suggestion for alternative tools is KMSAuto Net. You might be surprised to know that it has a similar name as KMSPico and its working mechanism also depend on Key Management Server just like the previous one. It means it provides a genuine license too.

You will have permanent activation but just like KMS activator this also requires an internet connection once every 180 days to renew the keys. It has also been developed by the same team, Team Daz.  This tool is also free of cost for everyone. It does not require any charges.

Some of the features of this activator you already know before. Like, it can also help the user to activate any version of Microsoft Office. It can automatically detect the version and edition installed on your machine just like most tools.

Its installation process is very easy as it is one tap to install tools so just install it on your computer. Open it then click on Activate button your Windows is activated. KMSAuto Net is safe to use. It has been tested and verifies that it doesn’t contain a virus or malware in it.

For further understanding and information please visit here: KMSAuto Net Activator

Microsoft Toolkit

Let’s talk about another suggestion of alternative tools to activate Windows 10. This is Microsoft Toolkit. It is best in performance and friendly user. Microsoft Toolkit is developed by codyqx4 who is the senior member of My Digital Life Forum (MDL).

It has gone through different changes after its first launch; from its name to layout, all changed now. CODYQX4 coined this tool as EZ Activator which only is used when you are connecting to the internet.

When EZ Activator launched Microsoft didn’t introduce KMS technology. The working mechanism is different from the rest of its competitors in the market. Microsoft Toolkit does search keys online and add it according to your Windows version and build. This is how it works generally.

But its working pattern is changing now after KMS technology has introduced. They added KMS activation in it and rename it to Microsoft Toolkit. You can use it for activating Windows 10, 8/8.1. In addition to this, it will help you to activate Microsoft Office as well.

The modified version of the Microsoft toolkit supports both online and offline activation at the same time. All you need to select KMS activation in case you want to activate offline. Besides that, choose EZ Activation and make sure to connect to the internet as it requires the internet.

For further information and know-how about this tool please visit the given link: Microsoft Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is a slight sense of crush of this tool you have developed so far after reading all the features in detail. Did you fell in love with this tool? Am I right?

 You are still confused at some points? Some unanswered questions are there.

Don’t worry here is the list of some most asked questions from the internet. It will help you to find out the most possible answers that you might be looking for. It’s time to find the answers. Here we go.

I have done rigorous research to collect useful data for your convenience.

These queries have been collected from forums like Quora, My Digital Life, etc and answered these questions.

You will surely find all the relevant answers here. Yes, there is always room for improvement.

Given that, if this doesn’t work then it’s my humble request to ask questions without any hesitation in the comment section. Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Read these questions with answer and I hope you will get what you are looking for. In case you didn’t find any relevant answer then just comment down below and I will try my best to answer it.

How can I use Windows 10 Activator?

Well, if you stuck at some point and don’t know what to do now. It is advised to read the above-mentioned steps carefully. I have written all the steps clearly on how anyone can use it to get a license for their Windows. In case you missed reading the guide please go above and read the activation guide.

Does Windows 10 have a virus?

No really. The purpose of windows 10 activator is not distressing any user. It will never harm your operating system as it’s far away from the Virus.

Windows 10 activator is additionally Trojans and malware proof. Your computer security is our priority. So, don’t worry!

It would not let any virus on your personal computer.

It can only be scanned by Antivirus as Virus. But the fact is all activator tools are blacklisted by these programs normally.

Given that, it does not matter which tool you are using, it always shows up that it contains a virus.

How to get the license key for Windows 10?

The only proper way to have license key is to download and install KMSPico on your computer. You can use another activator for this.

KMSAuto can generate keys for Windows and Office as is a simple and precise way to get a license key for windows 10.

How long can I use inactivated Windows 10?

My opinion is if you recently installed a Windows 10 which is not activated yet. Only then, you can use it for 30 days.

You will be restricted after that from many things like getting updates from Microsoft, Windows Defender will not work, watermark saying activate Windows, and so on.

So consider these points before going to inactivated windows 10.

How to get rid of Activate Windows 10 watermark?

Microsoft Windows gives you a 30-days free trial you know it very well. It’s an open secret. After the trial ends Microsoft keeps asking you to purchase a license.

It’s a persuasive tactic of marketing. Sometimes it works but most of the time it bothers you a lot. If you don’t pay attention to it you will see that annoying watermark everywhere.

To overcome this situation, just go above and check out my guide on how to activate Windows 10 using KMSPico. I hope you would have your answer.

Which is the best Windows 10 Activator?

Well, the answer is obvious to me. I already mentioned some best Windows 10 activator which you can use to get a lifetime. I know it’s a time taking procedure.

Searching for an activator tool on the internet is quite demanding. We get too many search results there.

So, choosing the best one is very hard. To make you at ease, please check out the list the I have mentioned above.

How much money should I have to buy a Windows 10 license from Microsoft?

Around 119 US Dollars, you will have to pay if you are interested to buy windows license from Microsoft.

So, I will help you to get a license directly from Microsoft. Just open Microsoft Store and find a Windows product you want to purchase. And, that’s it.

Can I activate Windows 7 using Windows 10 Activator?

I am afraid to say, Of course not. This tool only works on Windows 10 because the KMS server technology works only on this version.

If you are interested to activate Windows 7 then I would suggest you try other tools that are available here.

 For instance, Windows 7 Loader or RemoveWAT would be useful for you to get lifetime activation free of cost.

Is Windows 10 Activator safe to use?

Indeed yes, it is too safe to use. The reason is I use it as my activator. I haven’t fined any type of issue with this Windows 10 activator. So, feel free to use windows 10 activator.

Who developed this activator tool?

Team Daz is developed in this tool. They also made a lot of other activators including KMSAuto, RemoveWAT, and Windows 7 Loader. The best thing is all the tools are 100% free to use and can give you permanent activation. So what are you waiting for? Go and download the activator according to your preferences.


By any means, windows 10 activator is the best operating system. It does need any prior knowledge to operate it. It is too easy to use. Everyone can operate it easily. The interface of the Windows 10 activator is also well designed that is eye-catching and fascinating.

This provides the basis for people to fell in love who were older users of windows before. One of the other reasons is that Microsoft has announced to discontinue windows 7 flatly. This means your time to get windows 7 updates and security patches are finished after January 2020 and you would not be able to use it 

Because of it, everyone is rushing to move from windows 7 to windows 10. I have spell out all the features of windows 10 activator for your assistance and convenience. It is not necessary to use only this tool; I have mentioned other alternatives that will suit you anyway.

Reliability is a key component of windows activator and it gives you 100% safe passage to your windows activation. The best part of it is you will never be caught by Microsoft server because it is undetectable. It gives you lifetime opportunity to use windows 10 until unless you upgraded your windows or install a new version. 

The thing which I loved most is it gives my Windows a genuine license. By using this you will also get updates from Microsoft which other tool doesn’t provide.

One of the things that I like most about it is it gives you a genuine license. Not only that due to window 10 activator you will be able to get updates from Microsoft which is a very unique function of it.

Windows 10 Activator

Windows 10 Activator

This tool is developed by Team Daz and it’s free for all. Windows 10 activator will help you to get a license for windows 10 and Microsoft Office as well. This is virus free tool which does not contain anything else that can harm your computer.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10

Application Category: Activator