Windows 7 Activator Download Free 32-64 Bit 2020

Have you been deceived by a fake windows activator tool before? If so then you must be searching for a genuine window 7 activator tool. Aren’t you? Stop getting bothered yourself. This is the right place that possesses precious things that you were looking for: windows 7 activator tool.

It’s essential to look at some ground realities before moving on to discuss product features. We cannot deny the fact that having such tools has become inevitable. In other words, this has become part and parcel of enjoying windows in its full capacity. Here is the tipping point; why do we need to have such tools to our system properly?

Let’s find the answer and evaluate windows with its competitors like Mac or Linux concerning user-friendly attitude and competence.

It would be fair to say, after encountering windows users’ experience, that windows are much better and quite friendly users whereas its competitors have some difficulty in handling their operating system.

Yet thorn comes with the roses at the same time. As you develop a basic understanding of Windows you get depressed to know that you can use it for one month only. You were offered to use the trial version of windows for 30 days only.

And you want to use windows features further but your access is expired now. This signifies the fact that you can use windows only when you have a license, other else you have to detach from the windows for the time being.

 What if someone is interested to buy the windows license? How much will it cost? Well, it would cost around 299 USD strait away. What?

Really? Sounds expensive, and beyond the limit of most of the people who cannot afford this. So how can they have access to enjoy windows without paying much money?

You will have to wait for the right thing to operate windows. Stay calm. There are several tools offered by most of the developers to operate windows but could not fulfil their claims. Users are tired of being deceived by the fake windows tools.

 This scenario is irritating. So here comes my entry to provide services. In the mean, while I want to hold your finger and take you to your destination without any delay and troublesome. Now I must bring guanine windows operating tool into the light which will serve you 100% guaranteed performance.

It’s time to tell you what exactly windows 7 activator is and how it will work. Stay excited.

What is the Windows 7 Activator?

Windows 7 Activator

Window 7 activator is an activator that has an open-source mechanism that deals with giving genuine license of windows without any charge. Isn’t it amazing? I am sure it is indeed amazing news especially when it comes to operating windows.

 Instead of this, you will be surprised to know that the real name of this tool is windows 7 loader. This is designed by the most renowned team, in the realm of activator, Team Daz.

The aforementioned team is prominent due to its contribution to developing other magnificent tolls like KMPico, KMSAuto, and the list goes on and on aiming at windows 10 only.

You already know that you can only use windows 7 for a limited period not more than one month. After that windows will not be useful for you. But a message keeps intimating you about windows license which needs money.

 To get yourself away from these hardships, windows 7 loather will be your soul mate and keep you under the shelter of windows features and money free heavens. You will be able to use windows permanently throughout your life coming ahead.

 But the point is will it be end hare? The possible answer is NO because there are other things that window 7 loather is offering you. For instance, it will help your computer to improve its working capacity. Also, windows 7 loather will be compatible with all sorts of windows.

 You may be thinking about its working mechanism there could be skill and knowledge-oriented and demands much dedication for its use. Well, I don’t want to say that you are wrong. Professional courtesy J

Windows 7 loather does not need well skilled and knowledge-oriented persons. Because it is as simple as two plus two equals four. For your convenience and understanding windows, 7 loather features are given below.

Download Windows 7 Activator

It seems as so far so good. The reason is that you have read everything about this windows 7 activator tool. Aren’t you? Moreover, you have got the idea of system requirements.

 If in case you didn’t then I suggest you read details about the system requirements above. Here is the guide which you should follow to download Windows 7 activator tool by using our website.

The process of downloading the application is very simple and easy. You can easily download windows 7 activator tool from our website.

 Instead of this, few people are facing difficulty to download this activator tool. So for them, I am writing this guide so that they can get it easily.

 Keep reading the guide but if you already download it then skip this and move to our installation guide.

Download Windows 7 Activator

The first thing that you need to do is to click on the download button which is located below and it will take you another page. Got it? Great! C

You will see more information about windows activator tools like size, version info, etc. on this page.

Under that table, you will find another button so simply click on that button and it will redirect to the Mega website.

Now from here, you see two buttons 1. Save To Mega and 2. Download In Browser. In case you have a Mega account jus import it to Mega to access it anytime. Otherwise for those who don’t have an account then click on Download in Browser.

When you click on it than the program will start downloading automatically in your web browser to wait until the download completes.

After the download is completed the program will be added in the taskbar and then it asks for confirmation. So, click up arrow button and then click on Yes, Save File.

That’s it the file is now successfully downloaded and now you are ready to move our installation guide.

How to install Windows 7 Activator

By following the above link we have successfully downloaded this activator now. Superb! Now it’s time to learn more about the process of how we can install windows 7 activator on your computer. Keep in mind, windows 7 activator installation process is a little bit different. Because there are some steps to download windows 7 activator loather tool that we have to follow. Get ready for this.

Well, a complete Windows 7 Activator installation guide is here for your assistance:

First thing first, we have to disable our Windows Defender or any other Antivirus program if installed before going to download the activator. Understood? Ok good

That’s why it is highly recommended to disable Antivirus programs. Otherwise, they will mark it as a virus while downloading and delete it as soon as you extract it.

window tools

To Disable Windows Defender follow these steps: Open Start Menu > Control Panel > Then open Windows Defender > Now head to the tools and then Options > Select Administrator from left-side menu > uncheck “Use This Program” > Click on Save > Now Restart your computer.

window defender

 After disabling Windows Defender and restarting the computer now move to the My Documents > Downloads. From here look for Windows 7 and extract it using any tool like WinRar, 7Zip or PeaZip.

You will have to create a new folder here after extracting the file. Then next step is to simply open that folder. And right-click on Windows7Loader.exe and click Run as Administrator.

 It will ask for confirmation just click on Yes and an installation Windows will appear. Just follow the steps you see there and within some time the program will be installed on your computer.


That’s all this is the easiest way which you can use to install Windows 7 activator on any computer or laptop. Also, I will share the portable version of its which you can download from there. This version doesn’t require any installation and it works perfectly fine.

Activate Windows 7 Activator

Alright, now as we have successfully downloaded and installed it on our computer. Now let’s check the proper guide on how we can use it to activate the Windows 7 activator tool free of cost.

After disabling Windows 7 Defender now open Start Menu and then from recent Apps open Windows 7 Loader. In case of having a portable version just open My Documents > Download > Extract the zip file you downloaded from here > now right-click on Windows 7 Loader.exe and click on Run as Administrator.

It will open a new window where you see many options so from the header menu open Installation menu and then click on the Install button.

Windows 7 Loader

The process will take some time so just wait until you see the bar turns green and a success message will appear.

window activate

That’s it now the Windows is successfully activated so now just restart the computer. Once your computer restarts press the right-click on my computer. Open properties scroll down and see the Windows Activation Status!


One this is certain so far about Windows 7 loather tool that it has no match yet. Providing window features for a lifetime makes it discern from the rest of the tools in the market. But there is much that you need to know about windows 7 loather tool.

I going to facilitate you some of the features of windows given below which will provide you a brief intro of what you are going to have when you install window 7 loathe tool in your computer. So are you ready to enter an unlimited horizon of windows 7 loather tool? J There you go

Both Architecture Support

Some of the users may find that windows 7 loather tool will work separately for windows 32 bits and 62bits. But it’s not like that. This stunning tool application is entirely different in terms of its compatibility. It can operate in both of the formats of windows; 32 & 64 bit, at the same time.

So problems solved now. From now on, you don’t need to possess both architectures of windows. Windows 7 loather tool will handle it.

Active Genuine Windows

So many tools are claiming that they offer genuine windows to their users. One way or another they persuaded you to download instantly. Right?  But they deceive the innocent users who get traps in an attention-grabbing phrase of advertisements.

 The fact is none of them do justice to their claims. On the other end, users get irritated when they come to know that they just downloaded fake application tools.

It’s time to download and have access to genuine windows. Windows 7 loather tool offers your genuine access to enjoy complete features of windows accompanied by a license. Technically, it does connect the license key directly from Microsoft’s server. Time to download windows 7 activator tool,

Multilingual Supportive

Yes, we are living in a global village but it does not mean that we all are English speakers. Language connects us around the world. Every community has its own unique culture and you know very well language is part of the culture.

 Keeping this into mind, windows 7 loather tool has designed so flexibly and lenient that it would not mind if the user is not an English speaker. Windows 7 loather tool can support multi-languages. Well, it deserves to be downloaded. Isn’t it?

Friendly User

Well, the first thing that comes to mind in any new user is its working mechanism. Does it difficult to use? Will it take time to become an expert in it? What will happen to my computer if something goes wrong? The list could be longer than your imagination.

 Luckily, it does not require any expert aptitude and prior knowledge of operating windows 7 loather. Windows 7 loather tool is a friendly user and easy to operate. Even if someone is new to use, he/ she will manage windows 7 loather tools with little attention. All you need to do is to take the first step and download this activator J

Custom Keys Added

Some of you might have their own windows 7 keys right now. But you still worry about what you can with those keys? Worrisome will only add fuel to the fire. So don’t you be worried. This would be helpful to use this tool because there is an option of inserting genuine keys. You can add on and it will work properly.

Bypass Validation

Most of you know that is included in Microsoft’s security protocols to check whether the user is not breaching its security. Also, windows security is to insure by keeping an eye on the users who use illegal ways to use windows.

Sounds threaten!L Stay cool because a window 7 loather tool knows the right way to consider. Its mechanism enables it to bypass this validation tool within the blink of the eye. By doing this, it sends a signal to the Microsoft Server that it has a genuine license. So make sure that windows 7 loather has legitimate author to use Microsoft Server.J So who stops you to download this activator now?

Totally Virus Free

Security comes first when need to install a new application on our computer. Am I Right? This has become a universal truth to endure your computer’s security. Everyone gets conscious of taking risks or install any application due to the virus. The result could be worse if in any case virus or malware content enters the computer.

But this does not apply to the windows 7 loather tool. It is entirely virus-free. It has been scanned and examined by most of the reliable programs and found no viral content in any form.

You are safe to use windows 7 loather tool on your computer. Are you going to download it now?

Free, Free, and Free

We all are well aware of the fact that “there is no free launch in the world”. Certainly, it does so. And if someone gives you something free of cost you will be surprised at that moment. Indeed. But there is another side of the flip; sharing is caring.

 Having said that, windows 7 loather tool is 100% free. Yes, you got to believe that. No hidden charges, any type of charges, no way at all. Windows 7 loather tool more than this, you can use it as many computer systems as you want. There is no issue at all. Download windows 7 loather tool and Enjoy.

Pros and Cons of Windows 7 Activator

It is safe to say that windows 7 activator is tremendous in its performance. This is as true as you think of pure water. Everything has its pros and cons. So does Windows 7 activator tool. We should see both sides of the picture. The same applies to the windows 7 activator tool. It does have some exceptional benefits and at the same time possesses some weaknesses as well. The point is to let you introduce the other side of the flip.

Let’s discuss benefits first, here we go.   


Its working mechanism has been designed in such a way that anyone can use it easily. It is so friendly to use and has nothing to do with having professional skills.

There are no charges for it at all. No hidden, subscription and any sort of charges. It’s free of cost.

Foolproof security has been ensured while designing this activator. Windows 7 Activator tool is 100% virus-free and you are free to install it on your computer anytime.

Lifetime access is providing you with a permanent and genuine license.

Windows 7 activator tool is so light and does not carry unnecessary files that may occupy extra space on your computer. This is to verify that the windows 7 activator tool does not occupy much space in your hard disk.

No need to stay connected to the internet all the time. It works fully offline. But there is one condition to have this facility. You need to connect with the internet once every 180 days.

The best thing about windows 7 activator tool is it is compatible with all Windows editions.


For the safety of your computer and proper installation of windows 7 activator tool on your computer, you will have to turn off antivirus. It is because these activators are blacklisted.

For staying up to date, windows 7 activator tool requires internet connect after 180 days

System Requirements

Now if you are interested to use this application on your machine then make sure to have these below requirements.

Works on all Windows Editions

Pentium II

1 GHz Processor

50 MB Hard Drive Space

256MB of RAM

How to Uninstall This Activator

There is no doubt that security is in everyone’s mind while it comes to dealing with new applications like a windows activator tool. So many people are there who are still afraid and concerned about this windows activator tool may steal their data. If you are one of them then don’t worry because after activation you can remove this application from the laptop. Feeling secure now

Here are the steps which you should follow:

Open Start Menu and search for Control panel or click Windows Logo + R at the same time and type Control Panel and hit enter.

From here click on Uninstall a Program under Programs Category.

It will open a new window where you find all the installs the software.

Scroll down and look for Windows 7 Loader and then right-click on its icon and then click uninstall.

It will again open a window with uninstall instructions. Just follow the steps you see there and it will be removed from your computer.

Best Alternatives


There is no doubt that this is the best Windows 7 activator ever but somehow you wanted to try another tool. Am I right?

 For your convenience, here is the list of the best alternatives which you like to do. Make sure to read the review about each alternative so you can decide what to choose.

Remove WAT

Remove WAT is highly recommended to download for alternative use. So many reasons are there but few are given below;

This is the best alternative because this tool is very old enough and is still best for both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

It is also user friendly very simple and easy to use because it doesn’t have many options on it. Even though it is portable so you don’t need to download and install it on your computer. You do not need any prior skills and knowledge of handling this tool.

Another useful feature of this alternative tool is it automatically finds amidst downloading which Windows version or the edition you are using and then it will activate according to it.

In addition to this, this program will provide genuine activation just like the above tool and it is also 100% virus-free and is scanned by Virus Total. So it is highly recommended to download by taking account of all its features.

This program is developed and designed by the same team ‘Team Daz’ which makes it free for everyone. The interesting thing is this tool was specially made for Windows 7 activation.

If you want to learn more about this tool then follow this link as I have written a complete article on it.

Remove Wat 2.2.8 Windows Activator Download

Microsoft Toolkit

There is no difference between Microsoft Toolkit and the EZ Activator both are the names in terms of working. Both of the products Remove WAT toolkit and Windows 7 activator are solely developed by the ‘codyqx4′; an acknowledged member of my MyDigitalLife forum. It was known as an EZ activator previously.  Internet connection was required for activation.

But after a while, the KMS or Key Management Server technology has been announced by Microsoft. They also added this feature to their software.

Now after some modification has added to this it working performance has improved dramatically. It can work online and offline both in case you wanted to use the online version then it is recommended to choose the EZ Activation method.

Otherwise, there is an alternative way to have this tool. Those who don’t have access to an internet connection can choose the KMS method for activation. Besides that, the best feature which you would love is this single tool that will help you to activate Microsoft Office. Yes, of course, Microsoft toolkit supports the activation of Windows 7, 8, 10 and even Office.

If you wanted to learn more about this tool then follow this link: Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Download for Windows and Office [2020)

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes we feel that we are understanding things clearly. But as you move on or divert your attention you skipped key things. This section is allocated to those confusing things that you did not understand while reading the article.

You have just read about this amazing tool. But still, if you have any questions in your mind. Then feel free to ask. This platform is particularly designed for you. Read the list given below and find if some questions have some similarities with your questions. And don’t hesitate to ask further

I have collected these questions from forums like Q&A and others. If you didn’t find the relevant answer in some way then feel free to ask in the comment section. I will be honoured to hear from you and try my best to figure out your concerns with immediate effect.

So the list of FAQ’s begins now:

Q1) Is Windows 7 activator Safe?

Yes, indeed there is no doubt about it. Windows 7 activator is 100% safe to use. There no evidence of any complaints yet that bother users as no one ever faced any type of issue with it. It is my personal experience that I find this tool safe to use altogether.

Q2) what is the best windows 7 activator?

This question is a tricky one and one cannot say an exact answer. You know there are many activators available on the internet. But as a matter of fact, I would suggest you go through with the Windows 7 Loader or RemoveWAT. The behind this is my personal experience that ensures the effectiveness of their work. However, you want to try another activator that suits you then the choice is yours.

Q3) How To Remove Windows 7 Activator?

If you want to remove installed windows 7 activator as you want to use another windows activator. Then the procedure is simple. Just be with me and follow the instructions carefully.

The first thing you need to do is Open Start Menu and go to Control Panel > Select Uninstall a Program under Programs Category > from the list find Windows 7 activator and then Right-click on it and click Uninstall. That’s it the program is now successfully removed. BravoC

Q4) How To Activate Windows 7 Without Activator?

Well, the simple and straightforward way to activate windows without any assistance of activators is to buy a license from Microsoft. You better know the next step, just go to their Microsoft Store and find the product according to your choice. Now just purchase it and Microsoft will give you a product key that you can use to activate Windows 7. Problem solved

Q5) How To Download Windows 7 Activator?

If you want to download windows 7 activator in your computer then the process is simple to follow. All you need to do is read the instructions carefully that I have given above for your convenience. Good luck C


Windows 7 activator has proven best in terms of its performance and customer satisfaction. It is a friendly user of windows operating system. It has become renounced around the globe due to newly launch windows of 10. Couples of people liked its compatibility with the windows and still are using it as their best operating system.

This distinct feature attracts users. One of the key features of the Windows 7 activator is that it provides a genuine license without any charge. Talking about system security, it does not contain any malware and viral content.

Its working mechanism is quite convenient and easy that anyone can handle it without having prior skills or know-how of its operations.

There is a tendency to facing difficulty while installation of windows 7 activator. The proper guidance has been provided above for your convenience.

Clear instructions are written for those who are nee to this product. If you feel stuck at any step it is to advise that read the guidelines carefully and solve your problem. Also, if you are thinking to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10 but you don’t know the best tool for this.

Then don’t worry as I have also written a guide on this. You can choose KMSPico 11 or the KMSAuto Net to activate Windows 10 free of cost.

Windows 7 Activator

Windows 7 Activator

Windows 7 Activator is a tool that is developed by Team Daz. This tool is used to activate Microsoft Windows OS free of cost. It supports all the editions and versions of Windows and can be used for both architectures.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 7

Application Category: Activator